Social Media Branding is the Catalyst for your Brand

(or why nobody is hearing your message)

Having something to say is only the beginning. Saying that gets heard? Priceless.

We’ve all heard of great brands or companies getting overlooked and outperformed by smaller, savvier brands.


The Golden Ratio

Per various reports, the majority of companies have it 180 degrees backwards. They spend 80% on content and 20% on distribution and promotion. Yet, the “golden ratio” is 20% content development and 80% content distribution.

“Creating great content is vital for any brand today. Why? Because people are hungry for smarter insights, better references and thoughtful content, no matter the media. But that’s only 20% of your job. It’s the relentless distribution that accounts for 80% of the work resulting in magic and traction. Personally, I have experienced an unmatched skill set from the iBoom team who collectively are very simply the most unstoppable force of nature I’ve had the honor of working with.”

David Brier
Fast Company blogger, Branding Expert, Secret Weapon to Startups

To understand how to manage your Social Content Branding and presence, you have to understand some important facts. Every day:

  • Facebook has in excess of 4 billion shares
  • Instagram and Flickr get 45 million photos uploaded
  • WordPress entries get nearly half-a-million new ones created, every day
  • So doing this backwards leaves you empty-handed, wondering why no interest? Why no bites? Why no shares? Why no love?

But that’s just part of the barrier of entry.

Eliminating the False Numbers

Some companies high-five when they see more “likes” and more “fans” but did you know 90% of Facebook likes are fakes?

That’s where we come in.

Like a SWAT team, we isolate the target, eliminating fake followers, fake fans, fake everything and give your social content and social branding the real attention it deserves, by real people, real followers, real engagers.

We find the influencers, the channels, the scorned customers and the overlooked prospects who will read, no, they’ll devour, your social media content and your social branding content.

Leveraging Your Brand’s Content

Ever wonder what the secret sauce is for smaller newbies to outperform the bigger companies with deep pockets?

It’s the ability to navigate the often, tumultuous waters of content distribution and the people who are seeking the information you’ve sweated over.