Kyle Newton

President at SS Choice, LLC

Since working with Justin, he has always, and positively delivered results that exceed our expectations defined by the goals at hand. We have put Justin through the ringer (a number of times) with deadlines, budgets, and creativity; he cons... [read more]

Rishi Ganju

Video Producer

Justin Matthew is the King of Social Media. Justin Matthew will do the impossible. He knows so much about social media that there is nobody else out there who can match his set of skills and knowledge. He works very hard and he takes the wo... [read more]

Ralph Quintero

Founder at Happy Someone

I was first introduced to Justin a couple of years ago when he did some marketing work for one of our companies. What he was able to do in short order was impressive. He overdelivered, exceeded my expectations and put our project on the map... [read more]

Halle Eavelyn

Managing Director, Spirit Quest Tours, LLC

Justin is both a brilliant marketer and one of the savviest social media gurus I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He has that amazing "Tim Ferris" quality that allows him to assess a system, break it down into its component parts, ant... [read more]

Chad Hart

Co-Owner of Inertia Tours

Justin delves into a field full of nonsense offers and recommendations...that of social media marketing & SEO. The proof is in the pudding...The guy delivers, over delivers and is the best at what he does...between his Klout score at a supe... [read more]

Ben Heys

Independent Photography Professional

Justin certainly knows his stuff with social media. A few minutes on a consulting call with him with the right questions asked would be worth weeks of research on your own.... [read more]

Maria Stevens

Manager, Business Development at NetComco

Justin Matthew is an idea man. He sees the bigger picture and is a master of communication. It is a pleasure to work with him.... [read more]

Marti Slinde

Consultant at Slinde Communications

Justin is a bottom-line guy who gets results. He’s different from a lot of other people that try to do the same, he’s got heart. Don’t think that’s a cliché. It’s not. In fact, it’s extraordinarily important bec... [read more]

Brittany Cruz

Manager at Monopolize Social Media

Everytime I order from Justin I get the best service possible. He has helped me out a lot and I couldn't have done it with out his services. I highly recommend any and all of his services he offers.... [read more]

Michael Pachulski

CMO at Structant

I hired Justin to do social media optimization for one of my websites. I was highly impressed with the results and his overall performance. Within 24 hours my company twitter account was blowing up and I was already seeing spikes in traffic... [read more]

Case Studies

  • "We never thought Social Media would be a big play for us. Boy were we wrong! Once iBoom got a hold of it they got us got tons of interactions with our potential customers. We are now seeing the benefits of social media and sales as a result. I would highly recommend iBoom Media."
  • "My business was hurting and I was debating on shutting off Addieup.com all together. I was referred to iBoom Media by a friend to give it one last efforts. Once they got a hold of our Social Media, sales started coming in right away! I couldn't be happier right now and sales are continuing to go up every day!"
  • "We had a great brand and great product...just had a hard time getting traffic. We had tried Pay Per Click and SEO marketing and had little results. Once we implemented Social Media Marketing we saw an instant increase in traffic and a bump with our SEO. Social Media Marketing just made our SEO that much better! Big THANKS to iBoom Media!"
  • "We just didn't have time to actually do our Social Media as we were busy with all the projects that we had going with L-Arginine Plus. Really didn't think it was that important. What we like the best is that iBoom Media took on our Social Media like it was their own company! We are getting great results already and we just started...can't wait to see what our social media is like 6 months from now!"
  • "Since working with Justin, he has always, and positively delivered results that exceed our expectations defined by the goals at hand. We have put Justin through the ringer (a number of times) with deadlines, budgets, and creativity; he consistently achieves or beats them. "
  • "We didn't even think it was possible to SELL OUT our 1st annual Beer Bacon Music event. We over-sold by 3000 tickets (which did cause some problems! ha) It all came by social media and did no other means of marketing. We won't go with anyone else! iBoom Media is for real!"

Daniel Stock

Satirist, Humorist, Savior

I've used Justin's social media services for quite a while now and have witnessed his ability to over-deliver firsthand. If he makes a promise, not only will he keep it, but he will exceed your expectations. It's tough to find a company tha... [read more]

Robert Christian

Telecommunications Professional

I have hired Justin now many times for numerous social media campaigns on nearly every network. Not only does he complete the job, he does so quickly and always more then I asked for. I don't know how he does it but he was my secret until r... [read more]

Usman Khan

Independent Internet Marketer

Justin is a very knowledgeable, creative and hard working individual. He helped me improve my campaigns and increase my sales. It was my pleasure to work with him.... [read more]

Adam Houlahan

Top 50 profile Google Plus Australia

If real results from your Social Media program are important to you, Justin's advice & strategies are first class. I have used Justin's services a number of times & will use him again in the future.... [read more]

Lucas Shepherd

Web Designer / Front End Web Developer

Justin came out of nowhere and did a complete overhaul on our social media presence - which we were desperately in need of. He works fast, he works hard and we saw results almost immediately. It is rare to find a person with the type of dri... [read more]

Barbara Fariña

International Service at Telefónica de Argentina

Justin Matthew is a Social Media Specialist. An expert in Marketing, Branding and Sales. A consummate professional with impeccable integrity. Complete each work amply, attracting new clients every day by their great performance. I r... [read more]

Brent Metzler

Managing Partner at Metzler Advisory

Justin has proven that he is a very capable manager to work with. He has provided my clients with service that has exceeded their expectations. He is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise.... [read more]

Bryson Macchione

Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch

I began working with Justin at Empire Financial Group in 2002. I was a young guy, new in the business and looking for some good people to "show me the ropes". Justin was the top producer at the firm at the time and could sell like nothing I... [read more]