Social Media
Has A Major Problem.

80% of all Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts and followers are fake.

Would you rather have 10,000 fake followers to impress or 100 real customers who buy? Many of our current clients had 5,000, even 10,000 fake followers or more before they came to us. We solve that. 

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What is iBoom Media?

iBoom media is a new standard of hard-core social media specialists, a team that was sick and tired of the smoke and mirrors of social media.

We’ve seen accounts with 500,000 or 1 million followers/likes getting 11-22 likes when a new post went up. Frankly, that’s IMPOSSIBLE

That is where iBOOM comes in and blows the competition away.

In fact, we haven’t had anyone that can even stand up to the challenge of even coming close to what we do. We will take on any challengers!

iBoom is about what’s real:
REAL people, REAL likes, REAL followers, REAL engagement.
In short, real results

What targeted users that are actually interested in your service or products?
Need to target a certain AREA of the country?
How would you like to target your competition’s followers?
How would you like to have sales come to you from your social efforts?

If you answered yes…

No one does it better than iBoom.
It doesn’t matter what service, what product, or what genre…
We can target and show you results that will blow you away.

Flush out the fake and replace fake numbers with real ones.

Current Clients

  • "We never thought Social Media would be a big play for us. Boy were we wrong! Once iBoom got a hold of it they got us got tons of interactions with our potential customers. We are now seeing the benefits of social media and sales as a result. I would highly recommend iBoom Media."
  • "My business was hurting and I was debating on shutting off Addieup.com all together. I was referred to iBoom Media by a friend to give it one last efforts. Once they got a hold of our Social Media, sales started coming in right away! I couldn't be happier right now and sales are continuing to go up every day!"
  • "We had a great brand and great product...just had a hard time getting traffic. We had tried Pay Per Click and SEO marketing and had little results. Once we implemented Social Media Marketing we saw an instant increase in traffic and a bump with our SEO. Social Media Marketing just made our SEO that much better! Big THANKS to iBoom Media!"
  • "We just didn't have time to actually do our Social Media as we were busy with all the projects that we had going with L-Arginine Plus. Really didn't think it was that important. What we like the best is that iBoom Media took on our Social Media like it was their own company! We are getting great results already and we just started...can't wait to see what our social media is like 6 months from now!"
  • "Since working with Justin, he has always, and positively delivered results that exceed our expectations defined by the goals at hand. We have put Justin through the ringer (a number of times) with deadlines, budgets, and creativity; he consistently achieves or beats them. "
  • "We didn't even think it was possible to SELL OUT our 1st annual Beer Bacon Music event. We over-sold by 3000 tickets (which did cause some problems! ha) It all came by social media and did no other means of marketing. We won't go with anyone else! iBoom Media is for real!"

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Which Social Media channel is the best for your type of company?

Which social media channels, and combinations of channels, will drive your presence, engagement and sales?

  • Will your company benefit from Google+?
  • Or is YouTube better for sales and growth?
  • Which companies will benefit most from Instagram?
  • Or Pinterest?
  • What if your brand is geared towards male professionals?
  • Or moms and female consumers?
  • Or Millennials?
  • What if you’re in retail?
  • Or a thought leader?
  • How do you know the best place to leverage your time and investment for engagement and sales?