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Justin Matthew Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue Hires Monopolize Social Media (MSM) (via SBWire) Active members of the Empire Avenue community might have noticed that very suddenly we have a Pinterest channel, an official Tumblr channel, a re-introduced Instagram channel and maybe some more activity on our Facebook Page… what’s going on you might ask! Lawrenceville, GA — (SBWIRE) — […]

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HOW TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS   Most start-up businesses and people deal with “how do I market myself effectively online ?”   The key to effective online marketing is you just need to have a good business plan and be savvy at Online Advertising, human psychology and Websites.  Just1 of our Pinterest boards   If you can’t […]

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The Next Big Thing is Here, The Social Mobile Card

SOCIAL/MOBILE CARD MARKETING Powered by: Opt4Card / Opt4Text NEVER RUN OUT OF BORING PAPER BUSINESS CARDS AGAIN! INSTEAD CONNECT WITH PEOPLE USING ONE SIMPLE TEXT. Cell Numbers Are Like Our Social Security #’s We Never Change Them! Making the Incredible Value for Businesses Being Able to Directly Market by “texting” to An Opt-in Number,is Simply Unmatched By […]

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