The Benefits of YouTube for Your Company

YouTube has gained extensive popularity and face time with the average person. With people becoming celebrities straight from YouTube, it is easy to see how broad the website’s reach has become and how important this reach can be for your business. From educational videos and advertisements to branding opportunities, YouTube gives you the ability to broadcast your name and begin accessing your company’s full potential.

Connect with Users

YouTube has great potential for marketing if a business successfully navigates the difficulties of connecting to users in a meaningful way. Company videos designed to sell a product can be boring and generate little traffic alone, but partnering with a YouTube celebrity is a great way to reach a larger audience unaware of your company or product. YouTube celebrities are constantly asked to plug a product because they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers who view them regularly.

If you have a niche product, you may find a YouTube celebrity with an audience interested in your product or service. After finding a potential partner, businesses benefit from providing sample products to the YouTube celebrity for them to talk about or critique. Mentioning your business and product(s) will generate new interest from a nationwide audience.

Entertain Cleverly

Most YouTube celebrities earned their fame by entertaining or participating in social activities important to tens of thousands of people. As more businesses turn to YouTube, competition for audience attention grows and boring or bland material is ignored. Businesses need ingenuity and humorous, creative advertising to make their brand stand out. YouTube videos are easy to make, but one long video will not garner the attention your brand deserves. Several videos that are entertaining or thought provoking will make your brand stand out and lead consumers to research further.

The newest marketing trend is to tell a YouTube story. Advertising your brand through storytelling and visualization engages customers and helps them visualize your brand. Videos featuring customers are a great way to share business messages with more authenticity than short written statements.

Fans are Resources

Customers loyal to your brand are a perfect resource for YouTube videos by way of short, fan-made videos and testimonials. Positive testimonials relay customer’s satisfaction while negative videos can become opportunities for improvement. If done cleverly and humorously, some videos can directly address specific customers’ questions or comments about a brand or business.

Think Long-Term

YouTube isn’t about generating a single viral video. YouTube celebrities and businesses create their own channels where they add new videos regularly. When considering this platform for business, it is important to determine how you intend to market your brand and what its long term purpose will be. Businesses must consider the differences between creating educational or entertainment videos and whether their goal is to increase subscribers or to channel viewers to their business website. Consistent tone and brand messages between videos will keep viewers engaged and interested.

The success of a video is determined by whether or not a viewer watches the entire video. Most viewers decide whether a video is worth watching within the first 15 seconds. Those 15 seconds is critical for building curiosity and delivering a preview of what your video or brand has to offer. A quick, well-animated introduction communicates to your viewers that your video is of high quality and worth watching. Lastly, a call to action or prompt to subscribe to your channel, watch related videos, “like” or share, or visit your website will boost traffic. Equally important is asking viewers to leave comments, questions, or requests below the video. Comments engage viewers and give your business opportunities to engage in one-on-one communication or get ideas for future video content.

YouTube has fantastic marketing potential for your business and promoting your brand. For more information on using social media for marketing your company, contact iBoom today.


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