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Who We Are

Everything you know about marketing, advertising, and social media combined has evolved! Our team of elite managers have emerged and are here to tell you that it is all about to change in favor of something totally new.

Full Social Media Agency is only the beginning of what we have to offer. We gather business intelligence by tracking the effectiveness of individual campaign elements, combine collective expertise with track records that continue to achieve above and beyond your normal service. We can generate more traffic, leads, and more customer turn around than any social media service. We have presence unmatched, desirable connections, and produce mass results. Our team has a proven track record of experience in social media marketing and is led by a top pioneer in the industry. We can provide you with service with no presence at all and take your presence to the next level.

We offer micro services to full services that can manage and build your brand as a residual leader. This is not your ordinary social media service it is a way to own your presence online and take above your expectations.

iBoom Social Media isn’t here to achieve a goal, it’s here to set the bar for all other goals. Word of mouth has found its machine and driving force with the team at iBoom Social Media.

Our team is a collective body of Social Media Achievement and Influence. The services we provide can’t be matched by any other source and it all started with an idea in mind to not only penetrate social networks but take over each in force. Our team has achieved top honors in Kred, Klout, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Fiverr, and the list continues. We get to the top of Google Rankings and Generate Viral Traffic.

iBoom Social Media is led by Justin Matthew, a Leader, Innovator and Pioneer in Social Media. Justin has numerous honors and has a mass presence online. He’s risen to the top ranks without limit and continues to leave a legacy among his followers. Justin with his countless track record has devised a team of protégés that not only bring a unique skill set respectively to the team, they have a social media expertise that begin with core knowledge. Here’s what the Team Brings to Your Service.

About Justin Matthew

Always be the smartest person in the room

Justin Matthew. Involved in venture capital for many years (million dollar producer 3 years). After a great deal of success in that industry, I exited when a new opportunity was offered to help manage one of the top YouTube companies in the world (21st) 2 million subscribers today.

I played a role in some writing, negotiations on contracts, ideas and even taking part in the videos that millions of views combined.

Taking my experience from corporate sales, helping manage the YouTube corporation and all their social media put me in a unique position of being a businessman and very good at social media.

I formed (JM CONSULTING INC) that involved consultant work with major companies, advising companies struggling financially into making profits again. That developed into managing and building Social Networks for companies.

I joined a small time social media services company called fiverr. The difference was I said who I was and offered real traffic not the nonsense you see there now. I went super viral and was getting 400 orders a week at 11 net per order.

After winning many awards from national publications (KRED,KLOUT.Newspapers,Top Blogs)

That led to the founding of another company Monopolize Social Media. Launched Feb 2013. We have 20 staff and multiple corporate clients.

Social Media is immesurable you can’t put a price on it’s value if you have the right manager. Targeted followers only. Quality contentand diversity of networks. After achieveing viral status on every platform ( Youtube 3 million per video) (G Plus posts average 33,000 views) just as examples. It is now simply managing clients.

Goals are really quite simple for me in business, to be the best, be the first one in the office in the morning and the last one to leave. Be ultra persistent until I get or complete my goal and simply outwork any competitors in any project but at the same time learn from those who may be working an angle I didn’t think of first.

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A pioneer in the Social Media industry, Justin Matthew has the #1 circle share count of all time (Google+ themselves ranks #3) and is a Social Media Manager of over 7000 clients some individuals and some corporations. Owner of JM Consulting Inc with 5-10 employees. Blessed with a talent for overseeing things, Justin played a critical role in Managing a YouTube channel for 2 years and closed huge contracts, not to mention he wrote and made videos and even promoted them.

“It has grown to the point where I am helping many others, too many to name. I love Social Media and am a member of at least 20 different platforms. I have a knack for figuring the platforms out quickly, personally and for my clients.”

Justin helped create, acted, and wrote YouTube videos and through his research he perfected a Viral Method that lead to multiplied success with YouTube. The videos taught people about Science, Technology, Computer Tips, DIY, Gaming, Education and more.

“I also love to have fun with the occasional Prank. Well over 200 million views.”

On the business side Justin handled multiple dealings for the HOUSEHOLDHACKER network and fielded clients. Through his efforts and gifts to Manage successful business strategies, he’s made opportunities and worked with well known companies and brands like General Electric, Ford, Netflix, SquareSpace, Carbonite, Gamefly, Geico, and too many more to list.

Justin also runs his own internet business which has become one of the top in the millions of people competing.

“I have a blast doing my job helping companies reach their potential and making a living on the internet, being part of one of the most popular Science shows on the internet with over 60 videos and 65 million views for that segment alone, I know how to accomplish what companies want!”

“Love of technology, science, art, gaming and much more so I prefer to have well diversified circles. I appreciate all the support and fans that we have and please don’t hesitate to say hello.”

Bragging rights

University of Central Florida graduate, Orlando tennis champion 6 times over NTRP 4.5 sometimes 5.0 and proudly ranked with the U.S.T.A. Have made a difference in people’s lives as they have told me directly and that is my biggest accomplishment to date. Have two young daughters that I do all of this for. Justin has been KRED INFLUNCER of the month and top 5 in the world in influence on KLOUT, been in 50 viral YouTube videos viewed over 200 million times for HOUSEHOLDHACKER; also a proud Twitter user over 147,000 followers, Instagram 75,000 followers, Pinterest 10,000, and a personal blog that gets viewed 1.2 million times a year. Justin loves G+ and currently ranked 534th in the USA!


Justin is a Social Media Manager and owner of JMH Consulting Inc. He also is a consultant to people with film marketing writers and other social media specialists. He offers advice on Klout and Kred and almost every other social media site.

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