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The best insight on Instagram yet!

The best insight on Instagram yet!  The biggest light grey rounds are the best times for you to post. Monday 10am 6pm Tues 4pm Wed 8 9 10pm Thursday morning 5 30 10 am 2pm 10 pm Fri 5pm Sat 2pm KEEP in mind these are just the BEST times to post that’s all but great info […]

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So My friend and I Jay created a new Facebook page today called KLOUT BUSTERS the reason why is quite obvious I write some of those reasons below. Anyone saying “your Klout score doesn’t matter” is wrong.I hope this helps build an awareness for any ignorant “experts” out there (Klout haters), and the people that look at […]

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Are you Hungry to Make it?

Developing Peak Performance One day, frustrated and beat, but unwilling to quit, a friend I knowdevised a new strategy to simplify things, starting with amindset makeover. That strategy changed his life, and he is talking about it now about some site you make make 5 bucks per sale… This friend hit his first $1000 14 days in of […]

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