So My friend and I Jay created a new Facebook page today called KLOUT BUSTERS the reason why is quite obvious I write some of those reasons below.

Anyone saying “your Klout score doesn’t matter” is wrong.
I hope this helps build an awareness for any ignorant “experts” out there (Klout haters), and the people that look at our community to stay on top of a changing world while they are busy building a future.

The world is changing. So is the internet.
Here’s how… History of the Internet:

Web 1.0 was based on one-way communication

Web 2.0 introduced two way communication

Web 3.0 is driven by technology that reads and understands activity on the internet and uses that data to make recommendations and perform tasks using artificial intelligence.

Web 3.0 is everyday!

Klout is a Web 3.0 technology. It is being used by computers and people to decide if you are influential, important enough to get a free upgrade to first class, or skilled enough to get a job interview in social media.

My Current Score

There are many ways to use it.
No matter what anyone says, it’s already happening and you can’t stop it. There are over 5,000 groups using the Klout API in their technology.

Last month, Klout had more than 3 billion (3,000,000,000) requests for information from all of their partner development organizations.

Keep in mind this number will only go up as we rely on applications using AI to help us save more time, make smarter decisions, and take advantage of trends as they are happening. It’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

I use Klout to discover others in my field, screen out spammers on twitter, and make a hiring decision. Hell I even got a freelance job out of it! Even though I like to use new technology, I know that I’m not alone on this one. Ready or not, this is happening.

How much value in free goods you could have received since this image mine has tripled.

YOUR Klout matters
How can it not? I’m starting to see these scores everywhere! I see Klout scores in email marketing, social media updates on Twitter or Facebook, and in news articles I read.
This is what I see when you tweet @JMHHACKER840/8. With KLOUT 68

If I only have 2 minutes to respond to tweets from unknown people, who do you think I respond to first? Well I can tell you 86 percent of people are responding and following those with the higher scores.

Like all smart leaders, I use data to make decisions. Klout is data.
Klout will also improve artificial intelligence and automation.
Computers that know who to target will be more efficient.

There will be a time when you are followed, unfollowed, retweeted, or featured in the news based on a computer calculation. That time may be sooner than you think.

Flaws are no excuse to ignore an emerging technology
Yes, there are flaws. Everyone keeps saying that, hoping it will somehow change something.

However, its a moot argument because there are flaws in almost everything that we use today.

It happens. When a technology is in a beta stage, like Klout.

The KLOUT beast will grow no matter what I say and it’s time to GRAB it before you get left behind.

What this shows is your tweet power based on your KLOUT if your score is 10 through 45 forget it your tweet does not have much life. Once you hit 65 you see a MASSIVE increase in the life of your tweet and the chances of getting retweeted. This is a fact not a debate. I noticed when I had a 50 Klout score I hardly got retweeted now I have had tweets retweeted over 167 165 135 etc.

I’m always eager to be proven wrong, I openly declare a challenge to any expert to show me why Klout is not relevant. Tell me why I’m wrong and we can all learn something.

If you are not familiar with KLOUT it attempts to define your impact on the web. 
A few months ago, Microsoft gave windows phones to those who have a high Klout score. 
Klout is based around your impact, how your content is shared and other indicators.
Klout is about consistency I was able to successfully boost my Klout score nearly overnight once I was able to target specific metrics. By a simple combination of targeting retweets, sharing targeted content and only mentioning certain products I went from a 65 to 68. Does not sound like a lot but at that level it is like going from 20 to 40  
I learned KLOUT is about consistency. Klout is purely about consistency which, at the end of the day, is influence. That all for todays KLOUT info Be sure to Join us at KLOUT BUSTERS for more Klout tips. 
Justin Matthew JMHHACKER

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