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My own Empire Monopolize Social Media

I’ve always been the guy to do things his own way or frowned upon because it was different.

I look on marketing is that if you do it the way 99.9 percent   are doing it you are dead wrong. I am that guy in Madden that figured out that one long 75 yard pass to the corner and would throw it all game. 

 That being said I HAVE to tell you about well a game… but it actually works for SO SO Much more then just my stock is up or down or I have someone that sold my shares….that is nothing.

Empire Avenue can be used to boost your social media marketing, it can give a campaign not only a BLAST of a start but leave your client in AWE yes AWE. The key is to TRULY understand how to game the game and what it can and can’t do. So far maybe 5 people know this game.

What is Empire Avenue? Use this link to sign uphttps://www.empireavenue.com/about?t=1f698fe2

  It’s a game where you can trade shares in each other and  your social media activity decides how much money your shareholders make.

 In a simple way let us say I bought 500 shares in you 2 weeks ago and you put out a YouTube video that goes viral or a gplus post that is number 1 for 3 days that is good for me because I own or shares.

If you are not a part of Empire Avenue and are into social media in ANY way you have no shot. How do you get started? Easy

Just sign up upload a picture and connect your  social networks and blogs.You get 100k to start as long as you connect all your networks and a photo you will get to 50 in no time and have some money or EAVES

The idea here is to buy stocks that will yield a high dividend compared to the cost,  To start with you’ll have to build up some spending cash, that’s best done by investing as much as you can in high yield shares.

I build up my networks they do well people buy my stock. I then look at recent arrivals that are leaders or have all networks connected or I make sure I have the top 50 people and add or buy more when I can. I don’t sweat the small stuff play right play fair you will do great.

Use this link to sign up

Empire Avenue Missions THE MAGIC SECRET

Ever tried Sponsored Tweets or paying for likes? This is like that but always with real people that work for what is literally Monopoly money.You tweet or share something on Facebook. Set up a mission saying Retweet or Like my post and I’ll give you 10,000 Eaves (that’s the currency). All of a sudden you get 10, 20 or 100 re tweets, depending on your budget.

This gives you marketing advantages you actually get real retweets, shares, comments or whatever. You can use this to kick start any campaign in social media. I used it for 8 month on fiverr and made 80,000 so thx Empire Avenue!

I’ll even help you get started

To get you started you’ll need some investors, I’ll be your first one. Use this link to sign up (it gives me eaves and I’ll invest those in you and as many more as necessary to max out in your stock),
Try Empire Avenue Today…TRY EMPIRE TODAY

I play Empire for 1 year now, changed my life.
Justin Matthew

The founder at Monopolize Social Media .

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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