FIVERR TIPS ya I am Qualified

 HERE THIS WILL GRAB YOU I MADE 17,000 this month on fiverr lets move on                           

132 pending 4700!

16600 in 30 days!

 Fiverr has become a sensation. WORLDWIDE
I know, it sounds crazy. But you really can make a steady, 4- 5 or in extreme cases like myself high 6 figure income on Fiverr. And I’m living proof.

I’m not going to lie to you, though – It’s not easy.I bust my butt 6 days a week a good 60 hrs but the pay is worth it hands down. But the brain power I put into this and constantly creating new services building my networks my family I am FLAT OUT all day every day even with a team by my side now. Especially in the beginning, when it was just me for the first 3 months I found it is possible to stay up 3 days!

6200 orders her

 Be an expert.Look no offense but when you have dealt with 7000 people some just aren’t that bright and they won’t stop asking you all kinds of questions, trying to get as much for their $5 as possible. Sometimes you gotta cut em off that is that!

Know exactly what you can and can not do when you’re working with another site, or building links, or submitting content for someone. Because you will have buyers who try to take advantage.

54 orders 5k profit

 You can always edit your gig.
Sometimes I get tired of doing the same gig 22 times a day so remember you can adapt it and change it up a little so you still perform at a high level

So choose a gig that you know you can produce, over and over again – quickly, efficiently, and with good quality…

 Timing. I am always tuned into what is hot in the social media world that way I can create a new gig first and get the first reviews on it and when it is HOT I am ranked number 1 getting 50 orders a day!.

If you have a really good idea for a Gig, go for it. It might take you a few days to get a system down that enables you to cut your time. So don’t panic if you only deliver 2 or 3 gigs your first day. Just take a look at what you’re doing and see how you can streamline the process.

You can set your time to anything you want. So let’s say you set it at 10 days.

As soon as a buyer orders your gig the clock starts ticking. So if he orders the gig on Monday then you have until the following Wed night to deliver it before it’s considered late. (And even then, you still have a couple of days before it’s automatically cancelled.)

When I have the time and energy I work ahead so I can give myself a day off later in the week.

If you deliver your gigs early, the the Fiverr clock automatically adjusts up.  It starts takng time off your deliveries on your dashboard. Instead of giving you 7 days, it might only give you 6.

Anyway, my point is this…

Watch the clock! Deliver on time or you’re risking your rating!


I use this button ALL THE TIME out of 7000 deliveries I have canceled 330 orders whether the guy seemed like an a hole or asking for the world. A sense they were doing to leave a bad review many reasons. The point is just cancel it move on!
Any time you don’t deliver a gig in time, the buyer has a button pop up on his side that gives him the option of cancelling. If he does, you get a Thumbs down and your rating is lowered. Obviously, you want to try to maintain a high Seller Rating. So beat the buyer to the punch.

You can request that the buyer cancel the gig and if he does it won’t hurt your rating at all. In fact, Fiverr would prefer a mutual cancellation agreement over a negative feedback. It makes you and Fiverr look better.

This cancellation request button is useful for three reasons: It gives you a way to get out of gigs that would take up too much time. It makes you look good to the buyer – you’re leaving the decision up to him. And it puts everything in writing, right there where  Fiverr  can see what happened

I’ve met some really awesome buyers on Fiverr. In fact, out of the hundreds of gigs I’ve delivered, I’ve only blocked one buyer from ordering from me and I’ve made a few really great friends.

The key is to communicate. If you’re having trouble meeting the deadline, if you have any question at all about the gig, anything – go ahead and communicate.

Most of the Fiverr buyers realize that five bucks is a really small price to pay for anything these days. They also understand you probably have more profitable ventures going on at the same time. They’re willing to wait for delivery – as long as you communicate.

Be friends with the staff and I am if a problem comes up they got your back.
The guys who run Fiverr are great and I’ve never seen this level of support from any other site I’ve worked with. 

Use you gig extras right it is what blasted me from 2k a month to 18k a month they are miracles!

Add an offer to your gig that triple your money but does not add time like my gplus circle share I get paid 4 fold as much for simply adding them to the circle and keeping them there longer it did not cost me more time,makes it just a little bit better. But make it something that doesn’t add in any additional time.

Update and add new photos all the time

I do this a lot,Fiverr always puts up a category like Christmas or Halloween or Valentine’s Day. I just create a new gig  It’s the same offer, I just word it a little differently so it’s not duplicate content, and it pops up under the New searches and under the Holiday searches.

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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