Get on the Popular Page on Instagram

Get ON The Popular Page on Instagram

OK I have hit the popular page 4 times it is not a secret to me BUT I get so many questions on my instagram account that has 80k followers I decided to wrie this It just goes to show exactly how popular Instagram is today. 
Most people signing up are new and finding out how hard it is to gain followers and think the popular page will answer all their dreams. I can tell you from the 4 times I hit the page 8000, 5800,4200 and 2800 likes I probably gained 1000 followers total

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Now from my experience I have personal knowledge on how I made the page They use a  special formula, no one will ever know how it truly works
I have spent hours putting together the 4 times I hit the page how many followers I had at the time and how many were following me. The first time I had 500 followers maybe and followed 200 got 2800 likes the second over 2000 and followed 2000 I forget the other 2 but know it was under 4000.
  This is my theory  behind the Popular Page. If you can understand how it is that your photo makes the popular page then you can begin to plan a strategy that will help you get there more consistently.
First off, Instagram is code.  Instagram Popular Page is being determined by computers executing code. This means that it can be reverse engineered given enough information. It all comes down to math.
Your photo must receive a large number of likes within a small window of time. based on my 4 times it is  10 – 20 minutes
Number of Likes received quickly is the primary factor.
MY Instagram over 77,000 followers 1 million likes
Why do some people only need 30 likes in 20 minutes and others need 500 or more?  The number of likes is a direct correlation to the number of followers you have. If you have few followers you need fewer likes. If you have a large number of followers, you need a large number of likes. So likes divided by followers would give you a percentage of likes to followers that you needed to achieve to make the Popular Page.
 It used to be roughly 10% but that has now changed.  I think the specific percentage you need to achieve is relative to the number of followers you have, higher percentages are required for those who have few followers and lower percentages are required for those who have more followers.
Hashtags may hurt not help…
 Likes received from non-followers via the use of #hashtags do not have as much weight on the formula. Suppose Joe, who has 200 followers, posts a new cloud image and he uses the hashtag #cloud which has nearly 2 million images posted to it.he receives 40 likes all from non-followers who are viewing the pics in #sunset. He only got about 10 likes from his followers during the same period of time for a total of 50 likes in 20 minutes. That would normally pop the photo to the popular page but due to the fact that only 10 of his 200 followers liked his image, I don’t believe he’ll make the popular page. If all 45 likes came from his followers then there would be no question he’d make the popular page as he’s at 22.5% likes to followers.
Maybe for every #hashtag you add to your photo Instagram increments the number of likes you have to receive. . The overuse of hashtags is very likely hurting your chances of getting to the popular page. I think you should keep it to 5, and that you should only ever use relevant hashtags. 
Go ahead and post to some of those community tags like #JJ and #all_shots but if you do, I highly recommend you support that by going out to those community hashtags and liking a bunch of photos. This will help support your own photo as you bring attention to your feed within that community hashtag.
Likes from popular users really help.
 MY Instagram over 77,000 followers 1 million likes
What search engine has absolutely the most relevant searches above all other search engines? Google. Why? Because Google uses the best algorithms. If you want better search ranking on Google, one of the best ways to do it is to be linked to from other highly ranked pages. Why am I talking about Google search engine ranking? Because make it into the top 10 in search rank puts you on the first page of results on Google and that is not unlike getting to the Popular Page on Instagram. I have accomplished this as well many times Getting linked to by other “heavy hitters” is a proven strategy to surface good content.
 The Instagram team has some smart people on it, and I’m pretty sure they’ve heard of Google. This leads me to believe that there may very well be a large amount of weight assigned to receiving likes from people who have a large following. How would that work? If your image receives 100 likes all from people who have less than 100 followers that might not mean as much as receiving 100 likes all from people who have over 5000 followers.
You are competing against 100 million people at different times.
When you post a new image you are  in with everyone else that just did so at the same time  limited number of spots on the Popular Page rotation. You may post an image and get on the popular page with only 75 likes and the very next day you post another image and don’t make it after receiving 125 likes in the same time frame. 
 Well, on the second day you where competing against different people who were all getting likes at a different rate. In general this isn’t going to effect you that much because the sample size has grown so large that, for the most part, you are going to be competing for likes against the same general counts. 
These types of factors have a greater impact on smaller control groups, but with a pool of 30+ million users, they are going to have next to no impact; it may still make or break your photo getting to the Popular Page. This is exactly why to be aware of the time of day you are posting. Even worse, don’t spam your followers with a bunch of images all at once or you’ll be competing against yourself for a coveted Popular Page spot!MY Instagram over 77,000 followers 1 million likes
1) The formula is constantly changing and 2) You are competing against a pool of other photos for limited spots on the popular page. I would also like to suggest one other wild and crazy theory and this is my last one, for now anyway…
When I was running a hedge fund and managed 64 million dollars  My specific job was to develop automated strategies for determining the absolute most profitable scenarios for handling the crash I created competing strategies,  that would compete against each other
 The one that produced the most revenue I would then design a new  strategy to compete with it. What this means to you is that you might not be operating under the same formula as other people; you could be in one of many control groups in a champion or challenger scenario.
  1. You need a certain number of likes within 10 – 20 minutes)
  2. Hashtags may help a little but they don’t help a lot
  3. Likes from people who have large numbers of followers may have more impact than likes from those with small followings
  4. You are competing against say 25 million at any time for a limited number of spots at that current point in time
  5. There may be control groups with competing formula which differs from one person to the next
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