GOOGLE Better Wake the F UP!!

APPLES APPS 6 times that of Androids !!!!!

There are more Android phones and devices out there than IPHONES IPAD ITOUCHES whatever..
Android users seem to be losing their wallets.. SHAME ON YOU!! iPhone users and iOS users fire at will!
App Store for iPhone make 4x as much as Google’s Android Market.
Just the App Store for iPad has 2x the amount.
So the combined app store revenue for Apple is 6x that of Androids!!
It is pretty embarrassing that just the iPad alone is generating more money for developers than the entire Android system.

This is the proverbial wake up call GOOGLE the developers are going where they can get paid!

Mobile app developers will look to iOS  Android second. The large number of Android devices out there is not making MONEY FOR DEVELOPERS. What a pitiful battle if you want to call it that…
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