Google has a Devastating Update for Marketers

                                       Google Rolls-Out DEVASTATING Update for Internet Marketers!

Google is at it again. They did another search engine update  They are destroying Exact-Match Domains. So what exactly is meant by “exact match?”

Say that “what vitamins are good for you” is a heavily searched keyword phrase online. If you had the domain, that would be an exact match.

Or a very popular one lately

 Google says, it just targets low-quality exact-match domains.

What makes-up a low-quality exact match domain?

The website has very few pages
– The website has a lot of duplicate content and/or very little original content
– The content posts don’t have a strong history of getting socially shared (Tweets, Likes, Pins, etc)
– The website doesn’t have consistent, fresh content being added regularly
– The site author is unknown or hasn’t established a strong “Author Rank”
– The website doesn’t have a TOS or Privacy Policy
– The site has too many low quality links, especially exact matching anchor text links

What makes-up a high-quality exact match domain?

– The website is resourceful and has a lot of unique pages (hundreds to thousands)
– No duplicate content is found and the website is abundant with original content.
– The website and content are updated regularly, keeping the site fresh
– The content posts DO have a strong history of getting socially shared (Tweets, Likes, Pins, etc)
– The website has a TOS, privacy policy, and other on page links that help legitimize it.
– The site has a plethora of other high quality website properties linking to it in a natural fashion
– The site author is established in his / her market and has a strong Author Rank


If you rely only on Google for your traffic, you’re screwed!

They are not your friend. In fact, they do not like marketers even though we all made them who they are today, spending millions with them.

If you’re going to play the Google game, you must establish authority as a credible author and website owner in Google’s eyes. This takes A LOT of time, energy, and effort.

You must start learn how to get an AVALANCHE of targeted traffic without being dependent on Google! That’s why Pinterest is totally where you should be. It’s the wild west there and traffic is insane!

I am up to 8300 followers on pinterest and now have a 500 percent increase in my blog views 7-10k per day

Protect Yourself and Your Online Business

You have to know how to build a trustworthy brand / business online that is seen as a resource with high-value content. That’s what Google is all about. Not only that, you MUST understand how to get your site and content shared by authority figures in your local or national market.

If you’re looking for fast and easy traffic without slaps, tons of rules, and regulations…

 Pinterest is where you should focus your energy.

The game is rigged! WAKE UP

 Google is showing favoritism. They don’t like marketers and continue to slap away.

Many average, unaware internet marketers are getting punished, though. They haven’t built enough credibility or authority in Google’s eyes.  STOP being dependent on just Google for traffic!

Those that resist and can expect a continued slip in rankings which will  lead to less exposure and a dramatic drop in new clients and/or sales from the internet.

Everyone knows that Google is King when it comes to driving traffic to sites and it’s the #1 Search Engine
people for people searching to buy anything online.

But now with Social Media in the picture, things have been changing big time, and Google is letting Social Media play a bigger part.

Old SEO tactics are not as powerful as they once were, and in order to stay on top of Google page 1, you need to change YOUR game plan. JOIN PINTEREST NOW! It works for me but who am I just a guy making a living on the net…JMHHACKER

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