Increase Your Pinfluence on Pinterest

How Increase Your Pinfluence on Pinterest

 With a few clicks, PinClout measures how many followers you have, how many you follow and how many likes you have and gives you a score of one to 100.
 It’s unclear how accurate of a measure PinClout is for the reach of your pinning I for instance, scored a 51 and it seems right now a 20 is a good solid score.. But it is clear that “pinfluence” is growing in importance as fast as Pinterest is growing in popularity.
Pinterest is still, believe it or not, invite only, but current users have an unlimited number of invites to share with friends (or readers EMAIL ME if you want an invite). And while Pinterest has rules against outright corporate promotion, many companies are jumping on the site and finding ways to connect with customers and increase brand identity.
Influence is like that on any other social network: the more followers you have, the more likely your content is to be shared and the more likely it is to have a greater reach. And the number of followers, like the number of followers on Twitter, is a rough formula combining fame and popularity with quality of content.
Making yourself more famous is a hard thing to teach. It involves talent,hours of daily grind or a really good PR firm. But quality content is something you can control. 
The population of Pinterest is booming and it isn’t like other social networks where people get a profile and chat, there is actually something to do and boy, do people do it.
Entertaining is more memorable and less sales-y and dropping the sales pitch will get you a lot further! When entertaining is not appropriate, be conversational,. And like any social network, it is best to remember to comment on other people’s pins and boards and share their content as well – it’s easily overlooked common sense. 
SO THE MAJOR KEY…Share others content and comment on it as it will return 10 fold to you. This I know from experience. Don’t forget to email me link above for instant invite.

Justin Matthew
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