Make Money with Google Plus with evidence

5 Ways to Make Money with Google Plus

Oh and don’t mind the error you may see like I said not a blogger just show you the evidence!

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  • Making money with Google+ is a little different than – making money with Facebook or Twitter. Google is still rolling out changes to Google+, so that all users are having to figure things out , there are certain things you can do now to make your Google+ business successful
 Google+ is just another social network, but functions MUCH different from Facebook or Twitter. 

These five  steps will help you the best I can so that you can make more money for your business. I included proof anyone can blog about it hardly anyone can show it. Here is a great example of making money on Gplus
Explode your Google Plus Account

GAINED over 400 followers in 4 days every circle share.

1. Get More Followers DUH right easier said then done.

Before you start trying to use affiliate links or boost your business or product through Google+,  focus on getting more followers. 

Build personal Google+ circles of friends, family, business contacts, set up circle shares and more. 

DO NOT focus on making money. Hold off for awhile now while you’re building followers, you’ll become WAY more credible on Google+. 
Explode your Google Plus Account

106 shares on a circle share I did called the SNOWBALLCIRCLE do you realize how many people that reached say 106 times 1000 followers per average so 106,000 could be 10 times more due to integration more followers on average etc.

For now, just be a part of the conversation, and bring in business when it is yelling your name no more than that right now.

2. Be Professional

The average age/wisdom of a Google+ user is different from that of a person with a Facebook account
(NO OFFENSE). Google+ is a little more sophisticated, and many users have been around the block they know their shi*. 

This means that you need to tweak the way you interact on Google+ in order to keep your circles engaged. In general, a more  professional, relevant persona will be necessary to maintain a good Google+ following and believe me I am serious so spend the time or don’t do it at all.Explode your Google Plus Account
Google Plus stats have been on those for 6 months so the true number very well could be 100k 100k 100k imagine that traffic this is my own taken from KLOUT

3. Re-Post with Other Sites
As you’re building your Google+ account, use re-posts from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You’ll most likely have different contacts on each site Plus, this can make getting your Google+ site going a lot simpler for you.

4. Learn the Differences

Before you jump into marketing through Google+ and actually making money for your business, make sure you understand the differences between Google+ and the other social networks you’re already using. 

Right now, everyone is still trying to figure out Gplus. Just take your time, and don’t worry about making money right away, since you will be able to make more in the long run if you really understand the basic differences between Google+ and your other social networks. 
Explode your Google Plus Account
I didn’t make a dime for 3 months to making lets say the salary of an average household income just from g plus.

5. Get Google+ On Your Website

Most essential. Get a “plus one” symbol on your websites so that you can start using Google+ there as soon as possible. 
Explode your Google Plus Account
I did and look at my results 30k a week 120k a year over 1.4 million view a year did I mention I really don’t try on that site…. PROOF RANKED 673 in USA

DAILY VIEWS to a blog I hardly put effort into all once I started these tips.

It’s just like a Facebook like button but it factors into site ranking so add to every site you have NOW! If you want more proof here you go RANKED 673 in USA

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