Pinterest Tips for Increasing Traffic on YouTube, Blogs etc

Pinterest Tips for Increasing Traffic on anything!

Pinterest is visual! Pinterest is fun! Pinterest is a great way to organize links, ideas, interests etc. Pinterest is also a place to pin my youtube videos to create backlinks and increase traffic. I discovered Pinterest a few weeks ago and have become totally addicted.

Have you joined Pinterest yet? Are you looking for some Pinterest Tips? This  will offer Pinterest Tips for finding pins to follow. There will be Pinterest Tips for attracting followers. You will discover Pinterest Tips for how and why to unfollow followers or individual boards. Come discover the best Pinterest Tips for increasing traffic to your lenses…

What is Pinterest all about? List of Pinterest Tips! Pinterest Poll! Pinterest Tips for Increased Traffic Organize Your Interests with Pinterest! Pinterest People More
What is Pinterest all about?
Are you looking for Pinterest Tips?
What tips do you have for using Pinterest to drive traffic to your webpages? Pinterest is a visual organizer of webpages that are of most interest to you. Who should you follow and how do you get followers that will come visit your lenses? Why should you spend time pinning? What should you pin? How can Pinterest help you?List of Pinterest Tips!Best Pinterest Tips!

Here is my list of the best Pinterest Tips that I have discovered since joining Pinterest. In just a couple of weeks using these techniques I have gathered well over 600 followers. . When I check my stats I find that I am getting backlinks from Pinterest as well as many visitors. You can too! Just join Pinterest and follow these simple tips…
Download the Pin It Button
Add the Pin It Toolbar Button. The Pin It Button makes it quick and easy to pin your pages. Once installed just go to any page with interesting photos, click on the Pin It button and a series of images from that page pop-up. Click on the one that you would like to pin, choose the category or go to the bottom and add a new category, push save and you are quickly on to the next pin.3 points

Pin Great Content!
Create a Board for your favorite. Whenever you discover a greatpiece, be sure to pin it.
Join Pinterest
There is a place to join Pinterest on the site but it seems that the quickest way is for you to send me your email so that I can submit it. Feel free to click on the Contact Me button on this page and send me a message with your email. I will then submit it and soon you will become a member of Pinterest.

Choose your Following Carefully!
When choosing who to follow, focus on your niche. Search for your key words and then pin and create boards that complement your niche.1 point
Click on boards that are not interesting and unfollow them. If none of the pins are of interest, unfollow the person.1 point
Add a link to your Pinterest Account on each of your pins
Hover over the word About in the upper right corner and then click on Pin It Button to find the code for adding the Pinterest button
Pictures are VERY Important
Make sure that you have the right to post all of the images on your page. Then make sure that your images entice people on Pinterest to click on them, not just repin. If you take the time to search for interesting pins on Pinterest you will soon see which images entice you to click and which ones you just repin. Pay attention to the subtle differences and then begin to update your own lenses with pinable pictures
Wait for the Pinterest Pop-up to Disappear
When you pin a photo, a pop-up will appear with a drop down menu for categorizing the pin. Choose the right category, add a note (Use your keywords) and then wait until the pop-up disappears so that it has enough time to finish pinning.1 point
Repost to Facebook and Twitter
By spreading the word, your Pinterest followers will increase and soon that traffic will follow you to your page.
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