Spring Break Surfing In Nicaragua

Spring break should be about surfing, seeing new places, beaches, and having fun in some place as exciting and exotic as Nicaragua. Don’t waste your time and money going to some lame beach with a bunch of idiots that think fun is just walking around flexing their bodies and drinking beer. If you want beer guts and jiggly butts for fun then hitting the beaches of Nicaragua is not for you. If you want to just sit around and let life pass you by during your Spring Break then you can hit some of those lame places on boring beaches within the constraints of boring beach patrols and lame parties. If you’re looking for a fun, learning experience filled with excitement then you need to check out a Nicaragua Spring Break. Spend your days in the sun while you learn to surf in Nicaragua. Have a professional show you the ropes and show off those great skills in no time as you surf Nicaragua with your friends and show the rest of your spring break buddies where the real fun is!
Going to Nicaragua for Spring Break is something more and more people are doing; finding that day after day of fun in the sun and non-stop surfing on some of Nicaragua’s uncrowded waves. Better yet, have a package all put together for you by Green Pathways, a Rainforest Alliance Verified tourist site, who can provide you with a fully guided surf tour with professionals. If you’re an experienced surfer or a novice who wants to learn to surf Nicaragua Green Pathways can put together the right package for you. Experience the beauty, the tranquility, and the excitement all in one while enjoying your spring break in Nicaragua.
If you’re a lover of nature, enjoy the beauty of sparkling waters and thrilling waves, and want to stand out from the crowd don’t pick a boring spring break in your average places. Go above average with a special deal that will cover exciting surfing lessons, thrilling hikes, and amazing sites. Surf Nicaragua and then hike the beautiful region of exotic wildlife or snorkel under the waters you just surfed across. Watch the beautiful sunsets after a fun-filled day of beaches, bikinis, bodies, and beautiful sites galore. Burn off calories and tone muscles while you learn to surf in Nicaragua and come back with a tight body instead of a beer gut. While others will be talking about their same old style local beach parties you can brag about the beauty of the beaches and how you learned to surf Nicaragua. Share how you caught the crisp, clear waves as you start a bigger and better trend of taking a Nicaragua spring break instead of being another face in the crowd at a Florida beach with blue hairs complaining about the noise you make!
So get your passport ready and let go! Fly across the glass waves and surf under the blue skies as you enjoy your spring break unlike anyone else. Don’t be “typical.” Look at what life’s about and realize precious fleeting moments like this don’t last forever. Learn to surf as you visit beautiful Nicaragua and return home with more than just some golden highlights and sun kissed skin; but an experience beyond words as you share your spring vacation that’s surely above and beyond the typical humdrum break. Take your Spring Break in Nicaragua and come back with some wicked skills in the water.

Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/greenpathwaystours

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