The Secret To My Success

The Secret To My Success

OK SO as many of you know I have spent the last 7 months learning, studying and mastering fiverr
the best I could.

Well my personal system worked out…NOW for the bombshell I kept ALL of my research data and when you find out what it is any of you sellers will foam at the mouth…..

I have spent 2-3 hrs per day writing up spread sheets on the Fiverr categories, off the top of my head, Writing, Music and Video Business. Graphics, Advertising etc up to 15 topics or so.

Now this information has been invaluable to me and is how I stay on stop but I believe in giving back in this world and I have decided to help my friend Dan Tulloh

When I want to see what people look up on google I look at a keyword tool and see that. But when I want to know what people  want to buy or sell on Fiverr, our hands are tied…

Well I am a hungry mother and I want to make money on Fiverr and I wanted to see the numbers..I decided to get all data needed for analysis of my genre

I have the numbers and can say for sure                                                                                
What the bestsellers are on Fiverr in my genre (look at positive count)

What gigs are in  demand and people stay in line to buy them (look at queue count)

What gigs are of interest but need some twist (look at collected/positive ratio)

What gigs need better service (look at negative count)

What gigs I can outperform simply by offering better delivery time (look at popular gigs with high delivery time numbers)

This has been my secret sort and filter gigs to find gold. Add your own twist: from finding keyword density to monitoring gigs’ dynamics!

When I mastered my genre on Fiverr, I HAVE FINALLY decided to help others people do the same for theirs

I have all the main Fiverr categories now who do I help first become rich….. THIS IS THE KEY TO MY 150k a year Fiverr Biz… J

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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