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Tips For Brands On Pinterest

Now that more  brands (and users!) are on Pinterest, I wanted to bog on some top tips on how to improve your account, build followers and  increase traffic and sales to your own site. The great thing about Pinterest for brands is that it’s actually a portal to your content, unlike Facebook which is much more about maintaining a completely social experience within the site itself. This is a great chance to use social media differently, with a complete focus on content first, social interactions second.

Pinterest has an area on the site called ‘gifts’ which has information on products categorized by price, with links through to purchase. It’s actually simple to get your products listed. When you’re uploading a pin to your board, just  include the price in your tags and your product will be pulled into the gifts section. Add your price in to the description and tags :

 It will  be pulled in automatically to the gift section, with the price displayed :
Gifts are only listed in dollars but this will hopefully change as the site leaves beta.

Add a follow button to your site

Pinterest has some presents that can be used on your own site, to help grow your followers and promote your pins/boards. The first of these that you’ll find useful are the follow buttons that can be added to your website. Select the style of button that you want, click on it and the embed code will be displayed. This code will be automatically populated with the url of your own Pinterest account when you’re logged in :

Add a ‘Pin It’ button to your site

The second  is a pin it button, which you can add next to a image on your site, to allow people to easily pin the image/product to their own board.  Fill out the required information : web page the pin is on, the specific image url (found by right clicking on the image) and a short description. This will generate code which your developer can add to your site :

Encourage employees to Pin to their Timeline

Pinterest  added the option to add a Pin to your Facebook Timeline. Great way to build visual awareness for your Pinterest account and encouraging employees to get involved to promote your account. Until Facebook implements Timeline for Pages, this will have to be kept to individual Timelines. To feature your Pin in this way, there are 2 options. You will either see a banner at the top of the screen when you log in to Pinterest, asking you to turn Timeline on. If you don’t see this however, simply go to the settings in your account and turn on Facebook Timeline :
Note that this will automatically add any new pins to your Timeline

Create group boards

When you create a board on Pinterest, you have the option of whether to make it a group board or not. If you’re trying to build a community through your account, I’d recommend you make it open. To do this, you need to invite people to join the board when you create it. Select ‘me and contributors’ and type in the name or email of who you’d like to add. You will only be able to add people that you are following :

Contribute to group boards

As well as creating your own group boards, make sure you are also contributing to other’s group boards. As you’ll need to request to be added, you can always leave a comment on a particular pin asking to be a contributor to that board, letting them know that you’ll have lots of interesting content to add! As with anything in social media, this shouldn’t be too sales-focused. As well as posting your own products, make sure to source other interesting content that people will be interested in. This is a great way to build your profile within Pinterest, whether running a personal or corporate account.

Add an RSS feed of your board

You can generate an RSS feed of your whole account by using the following url, replacing ‘laurenfisher’ with the username on your account :
You can then use this RSS feed on your Facebook Page for example, or encourage people to add it to their own Readers to subscribe to your latest pins.

Featured Pins

This is a little trick to get your account featured on the ‘popular’ page of Pinterest. When pins are featured on the homepage, there is the option to comment on any of them. As Pinterest is only just starting to gain traction, there are relatively few comments left on pins, increasing the chances that you will get shown. You shouldn’t spam users of course and only comment where you genuinely have something to say, but keep an eye on this page for new pins that may be relevant to you that will gain visibility for your account by commenting :

Use keywords

As Pinterest functions much more like a social search engine than a social network, it’s very important to pay attention to how you tag your product, to increase the chances of your content getting found. Add in relevant keywords to the product itself, but also the categories it may relate to etc.. Also try and pin content that is topical. If you see that a particular type of pin is getting featured on the ‘most popular; page – i.e. cakes, then see if you can pin content that is similar, tagged correctly.

Invite other members

You will have probably learned by now that your fans on Facebook and Twitter are always looking for fun new content. While Pinterest is starting to pick up users massively, there’s still a long way to go before it reaches the mainstream. Integrate Pinterest with your other social network accounts. If you’ve got a Twitter or Facebook account, link to Pinterest on there and ask people to join. They’ll always like to be seen ahead of the curve in front of their friends, jumping on the next big site before it hits :

Find who’s pinned your content

If you want to get an easy overview of who’s pinning content from your website, simply enter the url below, replacing with your own site url :
This will take you to a page with all the content that’s been pinned from your site :
This is another great opportunity to build your community. Leave comments on these pins and also make sure to follow people from your corporate/personal account to let them know you’re interested and start sharing more content

Pin videos

Videos are somewhat under-used on the site, as it was a new feature that Pinterest enabled late last year, to enable you to pin videos. The good news is, it’s incredibly easy to do but it will add a lot more depth to your boards and provide a bit of different content than scrolling through videos. To pin a video, you simply add a pin in the same way you normally would, either through the site or the bookmarklet :

Re-order your boards

With Pinterest the emphasis is largely on how visually beautiful your boards are. Take time to select products carefully, and also rearrange your boards to give the best impact, with the most important boards at the top. You can do this by going to your boards and clicking on ‘rearrange’ on the top right hand corner :
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