Tips on Google Plus made me 100k


Basics of Google Plus & Tips

The first thing to do is create an impressive profile that wills viewers to follow you.  Google Plus profile options give multiple ways for you to hand craft who YOU ARE and relate your personal brand. Remember your profile may very well dictate your rep on G plus,  spend time on it.
Create a mini-portfolio or use your “Scrapbook” Enter Edit Profile mode click the header area to manage images directly.
Add all your links to your services and contact pages, Google Plus is full of industry professionals  and adding these links will make them visible in search results!

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Create a set of circles to your interests. Think of these as RSS feeds of people you find the most 
interesting. Your following can grow quickly,  making it more of a chore to manage your stream 
and keep up with everything so this will keep you from getting swamped. Drag these to 
the beginning of the list so they show up first in the stream list on the Home page.
Publishing content to specific circles will help target certain audiences,  try to post more of your content publicly. Public content helps new people to follow you, and lets G + know you are alive! It will also show up on Google+ services you add your profile to,  plugins you install on your website,  all increasing your ranking.
Your URL
Now that you’ve gotten the hang of Google Plus and are generating content and gaining a  
following it is time to promote YOUR profile.
The default profile URL is long and ugly, use an URL shortner. If you don’t it will look like this


Google+ add-ons are available for Firefox and Google Chrome that make Google+ much more 
A couple ideas include the Facebook and Twitter feed extensions. Go search, see which ones fit you and your online life.

That’s all for now just some basics in case we have newcomers.
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