TopicJacking? Right or Wrong?

The formula behind successful newsjacking is:

  • Find a newsworthy event
  • Create high quality content
  • Release your content at the moment the news is trending 



NewsJacking Success. 

The best practice for content optimization is long-tail-keyword optimization. . If you want your content to rank for the term marketing because there are millions searches a day, you quickly find that there are a million other people just like you but with  budgets and larger online credibility already ranking for the term and so your content on marketing ends up lost in Google’s search results, never to be seen.

 Long tail keywords are the answer. Add more search terms to the keyword, marketing so that you make the topic of your content more unique… marketing content  for social media… now you can rank higher… but not to many look for that….yet

This is TopicJacking.

TopicJacking is newsjacking –   influential and popular information that can amplify your own content.

The idea behind TopicJacking is to find a topic that is related to the one you are writing about that is already popular. Then, link to that related topic from your already-long-tail-optimized content.

When you publish your content  leave comments on  highly shared blogs. Pretty quickly people see your contributions and are likely to look at your content… and your blog…You’re borrowing the popularity of other topics to accelerate the organic process of being found, building credibility and expanding your own reach and authority. This is TopicJacking.


  •  index of relevant trending topics
  • Profiles of authors writing or talking about relevant topics
  • Analysis of your own content to find popular related topics

  If you’re not TopicJacking, you’re missing one of the most powerful  techniques for content SEO. You Better get at it

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