Tumblr here I come to go viral!

So why do I spend 2 hrs a day building tumblr now? Well I don’t know I have followed 500 others and have made 290 posts in 30 days. All I have is 98 followers. BUT I have figured it all out and expect to have 2 to 3k very soon!

Now why do you ask…

  Social TV measuring and influencing social platforms to engage with each other, and with brands, around television content is HUGE right now.. 

But guess who caught m eye?
 Tumblr, whose tools allow for a bit more info.. 

 643,000 people engaged with more than 48,000 Grammys-related posts on Tumblr Sunday night, according to Union Metrics. 
Twitter killed them with over 13 million tweets
BUT!!! it’s a rich enough data set to allow for some pretty cool analysis. The most popular Tumblr post of the night came from Buzzfeed. With 66,400 notes — meaning reblogs or “likes” by other users.
The access Union Metrics has to the Tumblr data firehouse allows it to chart just how that post spread through the Tumblr ecosystem, identifying the users who played the biggest role in amplifying its reach. This is what that looks like, visualized.
This in depth detail is only Tumblr, not Twitter, whose data doesn’t allow for tracing back the chain of an individual retweet,

When you pair this with Tumblr’s strategy, which is all about getting advertisers to pay for help promoting their organic messages, it gets pretty interesting. 

Being able to target the individual users whose assistance in getting a message to go viral would be most valuable — that’s the kind of surgical marketing brands dream of. In fact I may have to make Tumblr my number 1 goal for 8 weeks. I see the power I get it totally. 

So if you wish to watch me struggle to grow please join me remember I just started so go easy on me. Right now I only make 20 posts a day on Tumblr. I will not stop until 20,000 followers 1000,000 reblogs!

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