Using Twitter to Get Your Brand Out There

Some people view Twitter as a waste of time. While a mere 140 characters can feel pointless, brevity works to your advantage; messages can be succinct and well-crafted. And they must be to grab attention in a noisy online world. From a business perspective, it is integral to have a Twitter account because it enables genuine talk with clients, connecting with them on a more personal level. Getting a product noticed is swift via Twitter and has the ability to be unexpectedly endorsed by celebrities.

Basic Communication

Twitter is a direct link between a company and all audience members. It provides an open forum where within seconds, anyone can read and share messages to or about your company. The real-time application of Twitter makes it the perfect tool for open communication where consumers can participate and spread your brand from anywhere. As a mobile app, your audience can engage and discuss your brand from work, home, or on the go. Twitter can be a tool for education too. Your company can share links, photos, or general information about your business or industry that raise awareness on industry issues or get a conversation going.

As a communication tool, the tone and voice used in Twitter are important. It is necessary for companies to change tone when addressing serious customer concerns. If a company’s tone is jovial, it will create tension when consumers are stressed or unsatisfied with a service or product. Direct communication is important, but some conversations may be better handled offline, especially in instances where exchanges become too damaging or information specific.

Establishing Brand

Twitter messages are short, which places serious focus on language and voice. What a company wants to say and how they say it strongly determines how an audience will respond. Well conceived tweets can strengthen consumer relationships, while a tweet made in the heat of the moment or out of frustration can do the opposite. The trick is to plan out tweets ahead of time and be authentic without being overly formal.

Making your brand stand out is important, and that requires sharing information about the company which consumers can’t find elsewhere. This could include occasionally sharing information about what happens behind-the-scenes or tossing around ideas for new products or services.

Research regarding Twitter conducted by a joint partnership between The Advertising Research Foundation, Fox, and DB5, found that tweets do effect consumer behavior. One of the key findings was that people follow brands they care about in order to engage in one-on-one conversations and get access to news, special offers, and products not found anywhere else. In addition to talking about their favorite brands, over three-quarters mentioned the brands they followed by name.

Companies experience secondary benefits from tweets, including a boost in website activity after a tweet is posted mentioning their brand. Tweets increase online searches for the brand and are periodically re-tweeted by followers, further increasing brand presence and audience. Businesses utilizing Twitter experience direct and indirect sales benefits from tweets. Tweets from brands and Twitter users about brands drive sales and company engagement both online and offline.

Research has proven Twitter provides businesses a solid ROI and is a great marketing resource. For more on using social media or Twitter for your business, contact iBoom today.


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