Why Be Active On Google Plus? The Benefits!

Benefits of being active on Google+

Anyone who wants to become a player on Google+ and grow their number of followers needs to set a schedule and keep it high quality.  Look I get it, not everyone can sit on it for 5 hours a day so maximize the time you do have.
People love to have their content shared so SHARE IT

This is a forum of sharing. I notice every person that shares my content and add most of them to my circles.  Find something interesting to you and share the love! This always comes back to you 10 fold. 

Post Routinely

If you are not posting or sharing something twice a day you will get lost in the mix.  Now don’t post 20 times a day or anything but make your presence known!

 Spread out your posts for best effect. (This is no secret but people forget)
 If you want the most amount of people to actually see your content, learn to spread it out. Start with a post Morning Afternoon and night to kick it off.

Here is my profile My Google Plus Profile so you can see how I did it and how I do it. Be sure to take note of the extensive profile that took 5 hours to set up over 3 days time.
 Comment on others Posts

 Commenting gets you out there to others reading that post and others that can help you. They also help newbies keep going. This will help Google Plus as an entire network and will keep people joining and most importantly STAYING!

Respond to comments on your own posts

I have had 3 posts reach over 1000 likes and 1000 shares each and at least 50 with over 150 likes and 100 shares and I kept it going by responding back while the post was making its run. This helped extend the post and at the same tie have GREAT chats with other members…now friends.You can never give enough Plus 1’s

People notice this and if you are having an off day go for it.Keep in mind to also do this to peoples comments also.

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