90% of Authors Sell 40 Copies

            90% of Authors Sell 40 Copies

Oh let me say because I actually show results with all the hard talk I do I will probably sell 15 copies from this article. You know why? Well that is easy I am showing you just 3 times I promoted my own book and how well the results were. That is what my book happens to be about whether its a book, cd, product etc.

 It’s a sad fact but 90% of self-published authors sell less than 40 copies of their book in their lifetime and make less than $400.

1 example

However, Good News I just sold my first book Secrets Of Google Plus and sold over 1000 copies.  Now I sold 700 on my own before it was even on Amazon…

My Book On Amazon

The thing is, this 90% put it online and somehow expect it to sell. Did you also know  that 10,000 new books are launched online every day.
So, the 10% like me who take positive action and actively market their book are the ones making the money. Here I go again giving away my free tips that at this point you all know work for me.
 My Book On Amazon

1. Accept that writing your book is only 10% of the work.

Yup you read it right 10 percent, but there’s a whole lot of work 
left if you want it to sell. I have made it well known that I am not shy to self promote and good thing or I would be the 90 percent. Listen get over the fear or awkwardness you feel and just throw your name out there proudly and daily sometimes 20 times a day.
2. Set yourself a schedule to build your social networks
1 hr is fine starting point; you can always increase your time as books begin to sell and you can afford to spend more time on these networks.  Either way, you will need an audience believe me . 
I had 33k on gplus 25k on Pinterest 140k on twitter solid FB 
shares and support and over 3300 likes on instagram. I even 
hit the whats hot page 3 times on gplus with the book. 
If you won’t spend time to market it, why bother?
 My Book On Amazon

3. Find a friend or 2 to help
I happened to be very good at marketing but you are probably an author, not a marketing guru, so chances are you don’t have the skills to promote your book in the marketplace. So reach out!

Look short simple and true.
 My Book On Amazon

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