A Very Special Mothers Day Gift With Personal Photos!

So over the last year my online business of “SOCIAL MEDIA” has ironically made me less social with those I love most.  (Excuse the text)

Carina together 12 years until life got in the way

I decided to make a special mothers day gift of photos and words. These are the people in my life The mother of my children Carina! Happy Mothers Day Carina you do great!

My Chanel, Delaney and my Mom on Mothers Day. I hope they and you all reading enjoy!

I realized as Mothers Day is upon me that I have been self absorbed into my own projects and selfishly not looking to be there as I should for my own families lives as often.

Just me
My MOM and Chanel
Carina and I
Me having fun while my baby was about to be born

 So rather then run up to the store and grab a card and flowers like the prior 10 plus years.

 I have decided to give her a gift that will last forever. 

MY love and thoughts for my article. My mom is a very special woman no doubt one of a kind because she survived me and still puts up with my circus act. To the point that it has made me want to become a better man.

Not only that but she goes out of her way to help make my life easier to accomplish what my dreams are by helping with my girls and quite frankly going above the call to the point that I have taken it for granted.

Perhaps I write this because I can not tell her that and this is my way of showing just how much she means to me.
As early as I can remember my mom was 
always there for me growing up to put
 a bandage on my knee, waiting the
 extra hour as track practice ran over 
when I was 15, to this day always putting 
everyone else before her.


I am sure many say well 
that is what a mother 
does right?
Well not everyone is so blessed.
As I reflect on today and it really
 means SO MUCH 
          more then the token Happy Mothers Day hug and lottery ticket.

This is a day to be thankful I 
have such a wonderful  woman in 
my life and actually make a change the next day
 to not just today. 

I can admit when I have been to
 focused in on my own goals to think that WOW 
she might have her own as well!! If it took me 
writing a blog that maybe 2000 people will 
read to come to that acceptance then that is FANTASTIC!

So I Have never really been good at writing from the heart but if 
it is real it can’t be wrong…

MOM  you were there when I took my first steps and picked
 me up up off the floor
You motivated  encouraged and guided me all the way
 until it was time to open the door.


Know how often I took you for granted when I was 
growing up.

Always assumed you’d be there when I needed you… and 
you always were.
But I never really thought about what that meant till I
 got older and began to realize
how often your time and energy were devoted to me.

As I look back on my life I find myself wondering…Did I remember to thank you for all that you have done for me?
For all the times you were by my side to help me 
celebrate my successes and help me 
understand defeat? 

Or for teaching me the value of putting others first,
 good judgement, courage, and honesty?
 I wonder if I’ve ever thanked you
even once for that…

 The good the great and the bad I have forgotten 

to express my gratitude
For all of these things, and I can admit that now it cuts 
me like a knife!
  I am hoping that you’ve known all along, just how much 
I love and need you in my life!

Love Justin

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