Add Pinterest Pin It Button to Every Post

I love Pinterest. Especially for videos that I make on YouTube.   If you have not heard of this amazing site yet, please check it out. Not only is Pinterest good for you, it can be great for your blog or any website.  Each day I see tons of people saying that their greatest source of traffic is now Pinterest over twitter, StumbleUpon or Facebook.  That is HUGE! It goes without saying you want it to be easy for people to pin your posts!
The problem is, for a site that is so big on sharing, it is not the easiest site to implement into your blog.  I finally got it on my blog! Now I do not have to worry about going to each individual post and choosing a URL and image.  

The Magic Pinterest Code

If you want the PinIt button at the end of your post with other social media sharing buttons like twitter or facebook you have a few choices.
  1. You can use a plugin like GetSocial as I have and add it to the additional options in the menu.
  2. You can add the code to the end of each post or page in the HTML view.  This option is not preferred if you have other social media sharing icons here that will not match your new PinIt button.  However, it will work.
  3. You can add the code to the loop of your post and / or page files.  Usually these are single.php or single-post.php.
 If you have a particular PinIt button you would like to use, make sure to replace the src portion of the code below with your own image file location.
Here is the CODE
<a href=””><img src=”” width=”156″ height=”26″ alt=”Follow Me on Pinterest” /></a>

Let’s Get pinning!

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