Google Plus add unlimited people to your circles.

Justin Matthew

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Google Plus: The Secret to Adding As Many Friends in your Circles As You Want.

Hi, I’ve found the way to add more than 5000 friends to your Google+ circles, if yu are motivated and passionate you can do it to.
When you reach 5000 friends limit, you then must block some of them to be able to add more people.
1. Go to, select 20 people in your circles tab, then click on More, choose Block. Example (If you want to add another 200 people to get 5200 friends in your circles, you have to do this step ten times) So 20 at a time over and over.
2. Go to Find more friends to your circles or you can go a public circles database to find more. Wait a few days see who adds you can then use the chrome extension to uncircle those that have not circled you. This process over tie will let you add an infinite amount of people
3. When you reach 5000 friends again, click on your Blocked circles, it will open blocked list.
Now, in this list, select 20 people and  Unblock and re add to your circles, repeat this step until your Blocked circles is empty and disappear on your circles list. Do this all yo want. SO far I have 13,420 in my circles… Good Luck and it takes time.

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