Are You An Entrepreneur? 10 Must do’s!!

Are You An Entrepreneur? 10 Must do’s

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or already one. If so then you will want to follow some general rules of thumb I have picked up being one myself since I was 19 years old.

1: Just Do It
You don’t need anyone’s approval and you probably won’t get it, so don’t even try.
2: Iterate
Build, release and iterate. Make a list of the features you want to create over the next six months and start NOW! For small companies, once a week; for larger companies, maybe twice a month.
Hire Your Boss: Make sure you hire people that you would want to work for and challenge you. Someone you can learn from. You don’t want to be surrounded people that are satisfied and content. In fact if possible hire someone smarter than you in different ways.
Demand Excellence: Ensure EVERYONE is committed to and understand your vision. Passionate, committed staff rub off on people. Stay involved in the hiring process as long as you possibly can.
Raising Money: The higher your evaluation is, the more equity you have to work with. Beg, borrow and steal. Be creative about finding ways to cut costs.  Stick with angel investment. Venture capital mean board meetings, which is a huge sap on time and resources.
Hack the Press: Contact the lower-end bloggers at your favorite tech blog. They have just as much opportunity to write about your product as any other blogger on the team. Attend the after-event parties. The same crowd that attends the events also goes to the parties, but the parties are free.
Invest in Advisors: Give away a small amount of stock to advisors so you can call them for general advice wen needed. Set the rules so you and the advisor know how much time you have access to.
Connect With the Community: Collect feedback and get advice from your users on Twitter Facebook Google Plus and outside in the real world!
 Leverage Your User Base to Spread the Word: Facebook notifications, Youtube Twitter etc is a great example of how to do this.
Analyze Your Traffic: Pay attention to how people are using your site, and then learn.Use Google Analytics to understand and track traffic sources.
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