Click-Jacking GET MORE HITS

                    Click-Jacking  GET MORE HITS

I don’t know why I am sharing all my secrets but I hope you use them well!!!
Quick strategies that  will improve your SERP click-through rates.
The search engine ranking page listings are boring looking, to get better click rates once you’ve ranked, you need to find ways to stand out.
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1. Optimize the Page Title

  • Make sure the title of your webpage has your target keyword in it.
    This helps with ranking and the keyword will be bolded on the search results, which will draw attention.
  • Check out how your title will appear in the search engine results pages on Google.
    Google used to use 70 characters as the display limit of titles,they have started using 512px as the limit. Which means the number of characters displayed can be larger or smaller depending on the characters.
  • To check that out on YOUR page title,a great  little free tool you can use to preview your listing
  • Make sure your title is interesting. It should read like a news bulletin and draw people in.

2. Optimize your “display snippet” for clicks.

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According to Google, 55% of these website descriptions shown in the SERPS actually convince users NOT to Click. So to avoid this problem in your search engine results listings so YOU get more clicks:
  • Make sure you hand craft your Meta Description to entice readers to click. Don’t let Google make it’s own summary.
  • Use action words at the front of your snippet, such as Go, JUMP!, or Learn.
  • Drop a Call to Action and a tease at the end of your snippet to play on curiosity.
  • You have 156-160 characters that Google will display. Use ALL of the allowed characters to make your listing larger.
  • Try to include your target keyword in your snippet to take advantage of the bolding of the search term.

Have Won Every Major Social Media Award they Have!

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 MY COMPANY Have Won Every Major Social Media Award they Have!


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Using Authorship for Personal Branding

Many famous people who have  successfully branded themselves so that  their NAME and FACE carries it’s own  power and meaning. 
What do you think of for example when someone says Brad Pitt or Megan Foxx
They don’t hide behind a mask. they aren’t afraid to put their name on  their content. And that makes their  content a magnet for clicks.
Just copy them and get famous in your own world!
Get you face on the serps!

3 Steps to Better SERP Visibility as an Author

What we have here is a diagram of how it works on the tech level.
 First, you can see we have your domain. And on that domain, there is a blog  post or page that you hope to get your  photo shown next to in the SERPs.
Also on that same domain is an author profile page.
It can be an About Me Page, An author post archive, or some other type of  page that you designate as your profile  page.
Each blog post should have a link on the page to that profile page which  uses the rel=Author markup in the  anchor tag.
The Profile page must have it’s own link to another profile, your google+ profile is very  useful for this.
Now because this link is offsite, instead of using rel=Author, you’ll use  Rel = me in the link.
And in the last step, you verify that the profile you linked to is really  yours.
How do you do this? By creating a reciprocal link back to your domain also with the rel=me tag.
This makes it very hard for someone else to claim  their material or  site is yours impersonate you, or  affect your reputation by what they  publish under your name.

SERP Authorship Walk-through

Put an About Me widget  so it will  appear on every post on the site. This  is just a simple text widget,basic HTML to display my photo,  a link, and some text.
Now, on the About Me page, we needed a link out to an external profile. Gplus account.
You need to go to your Google+ profile,  login, and then “Edit Profile”
Scroll down to “Other Profiles” and add your domain here.
Just click on Add a Custom Link, and fill in the display text and the domain  URL.
Then click Save. And then click on Done Editing at the top of your Profile.
IThat’s It. You’ve verified the  relationship.

Testing your Authorship Rich Snippets

Once you have completed these steps, head over to the Google Rich Snippets  testing tool
So now you can see I not only have my picture showing up, but my name is  also there in the listing, linking to my Google+ profile,  and I even have a link to more of my posts.
So that’s it for this post on using Authorship to get more clicks in the search engine results pages.
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