KEYWORDS ARE KING

I would like to teach you everything you need to know about keyword research in four steps. 
The key though will be if you actually do them…

Why should YOU listen to ME?

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If you know me you know why if not google JMHHACKER or Justin Matthew no need to get into all my awards.

It is endless research I do that got me to where I am today a self made man. I offer the tips for whoever is listening..

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What’s the big deal with keyword research?

Keyword research is a lot like the foundation of your home. Without a solid foundation, everything will eventually fall apart around you. 

This is especially true when it comes to running an online business or trying to make make any money online.

Dozens of different ways to make a legitimate income online, but at the root of every successful method? Keyword Research. 
Keyword research is the difference between your website ranking on page 1 of Google or page 24. Which would you prefer?
Keyword research is the difference between your advertising costs being .20 per click or $5.20 per click. You do the math.
Keyword research is the difference between your site actually making money or just providing information. What is your end goal?

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• Keyword research is the difference between receiving hundreds of visitors to your site per day, or only a couple of visitors per month. More traffic equals more sales which equals more money. 

Put all of this together and with proper keyword research you get first page exposure to hundreds of potential customers, all the while paying less for your advertising costs and making more money!

Keyword Research is understanding what words and phrases people are searching for related to your product or website, and proper keyword research means analyzing which of those words and phrases will generate the most profit. 

In general, online marketers understand keyword research is important. Most guides to Internet marketing even mention it as one of the first steps. 

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Hopefully by now you’ve seen just how important keyword research really is. 


2. Start Sorting

3. Look at your favs close

4. Use your best confidentiality

Do I Need Any Special Tools?

There are two pieces of free software that will help you perform these four steps.

The Google Keyword Tool (free)
 Market Samurai (free or paid)
 The Keyword Surfer (optional paid)

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Step ONE: e

Goal: gather as many keywords as possible

Every single “niche” has an almost unlimited number of keyword combinations. 

Weight loss. Lose weight tips. How to lose weight in my thighs. Losing weight in only 7 days. Etc.

Golf. Improve my golf swing. Best golf clubs. Correcting a slice. Putting tips. Etc.

Your goal is to uncover as many keywords as possible related to your niche. On average, I usually like to find between 2 and 5 thousand different phrases.

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Finding this many keywords may seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite easy.
For starters, let’s begin with our first tool, the Google Keyword Tool. 
Enter a keyword of your choosing. 
TIP: Be sure to sign in, as this will give you access to almost ten times as many keywords!

I entered dog then clicked the grey “Search” button. 

Google now displays a list of almost 800 related keywords in the far left column, along with numerous other pieces of information in the additional columns to the right. 

The information found in these additional columns will be important, but nothing to worry about just yet.

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Just below the “Search” box, you should see a list of options. The one I want you to find is the “Download all” option. If you click the top level “Download” arrow, you should see it at the very top.

Determine what file format works best for you. Most likely it will be CSV.
Now download these 800  keywords (or whatever niche you’re researching) to your hard drive. Just be sure to remember where you save them. 

Since I only keep this file temporarily, I usually save it the Desktop and then delete it when I’m done. 

Now we’re going to go back to the Google Keyword Tool and repeat the process all over again, only for a new keyword.

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This time I will use the term dog park and re-enter it into the Google keyword search box.

Some really solid niche keywords are beginning to appear, we have an additional 800 potential keywords displayed.

Follow the same steps as outlined above and download this new keyword list to your hard drive as well. 
From here, simply go back and again enter a new keyword like “dog pay ideas” 

Save each additional keyword list, and then repeat the whole process again. 

Just keep entering keyword after keyword and Google will keep giving you hundreds upon hundreds of additional ideas. 

My corporate website we do it ALL for you..

What’s great is that with each additional keyword idea, there is another keyword you can input into the search box for even more keyword ideas! The cycle here is almost endless, and your keyword list can just keep getting larger and larger the more you do this.

While the above method should provide you with an ample list of keywords, there is at least one other piece of software that deserves a special mention, as it will truly take your keyword research to a whole new level. 
It’s called Keyword Surfer.

That ends this part of today’s lesson more to follow for those of you that always read these JUST LISTEN TO ME I do this exact method and well it works. Will do part 2 3 and 4 soon. 

Justin Matthew

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
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