How I gained 19,200 GOOGLE + Followers in 11 Months

How I gained 19,200 GOOGLE + Followers in 11 Months

Back in Jan. I started my acct on Google Plus. When I first signed in I figured well if I search for something I go to Google if I want something to show up I want it to show up high on google so why not gplus? I followed some recommended people, which is why to this day they have millions of followers I started at zero like you Complete History Of My Google + Daily Gains

Well if you know me at all I strive to reach the top so my goal was to attempt to average 1200 per month a lofty goal… as it turned out I averaged 1700
I recommend dedicating an hour a day to Google Plus

Getting Started 

Get Started on Google Plus
  1. Sign up for Google Plus
  3. Use the Google Plus Search to find things and people that interest you. Search for your topic in the Google Plus search bar and skim through the search results stream until you find something that is interesting or makes you want to comment on. 
  4. Set up some circles
  5. Start to comment on things you like or are interested in. 
  6. Join hangouts. You  usually don’t have to say anything and you can just get some experience!  Be friendly and introduce yourself. Join the conversation where you feel confident. This is the best way to make real connections with people.

How did I get to 19300 followers so fast?

  1. Your first step is to define your goals. – Choose two topics you want to get deeper in on Google Plus. This may be related to your business or simply a passion. For me I did fiverr and Instagram. Choose the number of followers you aim to gain each week.
  2. Break down your goals into weekly targets. 
  3. Define your daily schedule required to attain your goal.
 I will sign into Google Plus every day at 9pm for 30 minutes and do the following

  1. Look up my topics look for new content
  2. View my streams and make some comments
  3. Share a few posts every day
  4. Write a new post whenever I can
  5. Follow at least 50 new people a day.
Try to find a few heavy hitters for each topic you are interested in. These are people with over 15,000 followers that get a lot of attention on Google Plus. 

 Google Plus Reputation

Once you are really active it is important to be aware of your reputation.
Knowing when people mention your name or engage with your posts.

Use these URLS , when logged in to your Google Plus Account:
  1. Any Time your Name is mentioned
  3. Mentions Of you –>
  4. Your posts –>
  5. Other people’s posts –>
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