Monopolize Social Media

                     Monopolize Social Media!


 OK so this week I worked 18 hrs a day everyday. Not complaining as that is what it takes to reach your goals and be very successful. I Published my first book on the secrets of Google+ filmed my featured course on UDEMY live in4 days AND formed my 3rd corporation at age 32.
                                                                                                                           Now why not just cash in my gold I bought at 300 an ounce years ago and savings and move to an island?? I really don’t know..soon.

SO if I can do all this in 7 days

My Social Media Marketing Site 3 percent done

Published Author On Google +

My Featured Coure On Udemy final edits now

I want no excuses out of my readers for not being able to reach all your goals. The problem is these were my 2013 goals so now I changed them to make 2 million dollars and next year buy a home On Palm Island in Florida.Work from the beach.

Now my dream has come true to own a Social Media Marketing Company me myself and I. It shall be the best quality in the market place as my awards speak for themselves and I have the best teammates around me. Chris Cota DAZE!!! Dalton Media.

Now if anyone knows me you know I will not stop until I am number 1 so I anticipate I will need a few more good people I have Brittney and Brandon but after that I expect this to be a 30 person operation in 12 months.

Now if you want to do what I do you MUST have these attributes.

As more companies and more industries buy into the benefits of social media and community development, the number of job opportunities available for professionals with community-building skills also continue to grow just this week I was offered 7 different jobs not 15k but over 80 to 130k
Companies are looking for professionals who can blend their skills to effectively deliver updates to a community, but also have the ability to tap into that community to collect feedback for a company to use for improving its product or delivering its message. They also prefer a background of prior achievements which luckily I have more then I cab count regarding this industry and every networks
While the job opportunities grow, so to do the number of professionals who include community skills on their resumes and profiles. On LinkedIn alone, the number of people who have added “Community Management” to their skills list is up 46% year-over-year. As I said 40 percent of them do not have a chance…
But being a quality community manager goes beyond having the knowledge and background to use social media networks.

1. Strong communication skills

Total was 82,000 in 8 months from 1 source

It’s no surprise that the person who is acting as a representative of the brand should have strong people skills.”Blog posts, guest articles, emails, proposals, social content — you have to be able to craft your ideas and messages to fit any medium.”
But the community manager position goes beyond the online relationship,. “They need to be outgoing, friendly and relatable. They should be comfortable interacting with people offline as well as online; a natural networker.” Well I can say YES I DO!

2. Good judgement

Must be able to go through all the content coming out of an organization and determine what to share, how to share and when to share.

Community managers must also determine the best ways to handle feedback from the audience, and decide how to respond in an appropriate fashion When people ask questions, how do you answer? I believe not answering those questions is answering those questions.”

3. Empathy

To engage a community in a discussion about a brand, a community manager must know the type of people who make up the audience
Being able to demonstrate empathy is important a community manager must be able to effectively converse with the audience. This person should see the brand from the perspective of a fan or consumer, and use this point of view to guide his or her engagements with the community, he added.


4. Dedication

Unlike with other positions, there is no end of the work day for community managers. . “When you’re a community manager, you’re on 24/7,”

Community managers have to look at their positions as a lifestyle rather than a job, If you want to check in at 9 a.m. and out at 5 p.m., you’re in the wrong field. When you’ve dealt with nothing but mean-spirited comments, hundreds of emails, demanding partners and a grueling schedule of tasks — all in a 16-hour work day — you need something other than a paycheck to keep you going.”

5. Organizational skills

For many community managers, the job consists of managing multiple platforms, tracking feedback and then sharing this information with their employers. This work can be overbearing, but remaining organized can help professionals stay on top of their responsibilities..”

6. Adaptability

Flexibility in the workplace is key for a successful community manager. The work this professional does will often extend beyond creating conversations with a brand’s audience on social media networks. For many, this means carrying the responsibilities of multiple jobs.
“Adaptability is important because the community manager wears a lot of hats,

7. Level-headed attitude

It’s the Internet. There are going to be situations, often on a daily basis, when a member of the community attacks the brand. As the community manager, it is vital that your response alleviates the situation; not intensifies it. WELL I TEND TO ANNIATE SOMEONE IF THEY TALK SMACK I DON”Y CHANGE FOR ANYONE

8. Background in analytics

Google Analytics

In each industry, the way a community manager handles social and site analytics may differ, but it’s vital that this professional is educated about how communities are responding to engagement, and can determine what efforts are working and not working.

9. Ability to enable the community

One of the most important responsibilities of a community manager’s job is not to continue to push the brand’s message, but to empower the audience and give it a voice, “If we’re just talking about ourselves, eventually people will turn away,” he noted. “

The only reason we are successful is because of our audience. We want to try to reward them as much as possible.”

10. Passion for the brand

In many ways, the community manager is the eyes and ears of a business or organization. But this professional also is responsible for being the voice of the company, and the audience wants to interact with someone who loves the brand as much as they do.

 For a community manager who just goes through the motions, he or she is not going to be successful and the company will ultimately suffer,”At the end of the day, you are the representative of that brand. You have to eat, sleep and breathe the brand.”

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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