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How YOU get Facebook Traffic To Your Page


How YOU get Facebook Traffic To Your Page OK I am asked about 20 times a day to like a new FB page as I am sure you are. I will like all pages posted here as will everyone in this chain START with IBoom once you have liked it post your page here!Simply add […]

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The formula to 1 million blog views.


The formula to 1 million blog views. Justin Matthew March 2012 knowing nothing about the internet I decided to make a career from it.  According to one source, there are more than 180 million blogs… Most of these blogs get less than 900 visitors per month, and the harsh reality is, the majority of those […]

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Everyone is an expert!


We love to surround ourselves with people who have similar thoughts  and to be quite honest don’t put us to sleep right?  I got into social media 4 years ago when it was just fun and a hobby maybe win a perk from KLOUT remember that!! WOW 1.3 million SEO experts… NOW I hear 100 […]

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How To Post On All Social Networks At Once


          How To Post ON All Social Networks At Once (BE SURE TO READ TO THE END OF ARTICLE I SHOW HOW I EARNED 250,000 IN 14 MONTHS USING THESE TACTICS)  FriendsPlus.Me is an interesting app that makes my life and managing all my clients networks 10 fold easier. It lets the user re post […]

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Two Words That Will Change the Way You Advertise


Two Words That Will Change the Way You Advertise Not all advertising strategies are created equal, with some being more effective than others. A true understanding of your niche means a true understanding of what advertising methods work best and knowing precisely where to place your ads to get the most out of them.  The […]

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Blogging And Social Media with Pinterest


     Blogging And Social Media with Pinterest This will be a series of articles as I feel up to it!How to use PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS Part 1 look Pinterest is the reason why today I get 25 to 45k daily views on this blog I have 14,000 followers. I will share all I can […]

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Top 8 FREE SEO Tools For Your Blog


             Top 8 FREE SEO Tools For Your Blog  (Search Engine Optimization) is very important when it comes to getting your blog/website ranked higher in search engines. This is very helpful when you want your blog to receive more targeted traffic. I have gathered a list of my top 8 […]

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Monopolize Social Media


                                        Monopolize Social Media! KRED INFLUENCER OF THE MONTH  OK so this week I worked 18 hrs a day everyday. Not complaining as that is what it takes to reach your goals and be very successful. I Published my first book on the secrets of Google+ filmed […]

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