The Secret to Making Money on Fiverr Twice (UPDATE)


  The Secret to Making Money on Fiverr Twice (UPDATE)

I received so many emails about this article I will show yet another tactic that makes this all happen.

 The actual post on gplus led to a 39% sales increase

Then sharing our services on the world largest fiverr business page ATLCOMPUTERDUDE and I made.

Not only that but look at the top of this blog it is all of our gigs on Pinterest! So every viewer of this blog daily sees them!

TOP FIVERR GIGS over 10,000 fans!

ALL ABOUT TEAM WORK AND ATLCOMPUTERDUDE (Chris Cota) and JMHHACKER (me) Justin Matthew Do it right!

                     Oh and of course search rankings help! 2 times over!

Unlike many others I enjoy showing prove of what I write.

More direct proof.

From Crunchbase

Millions of sellers from over 200 countries offer more than 2.8 million services on Fiverr, adding thousands of new ones each day – from the fun and casual to essential business services

So even with those odds how did I do it twice? That would be 1 in 9 million shot. Obviously not luck.

Some of you may remember after managing HouseHoldHacker (YouTube) I ventured into fiverr a website that provides nearly any service you are looking for. 

Well the first round I got in and created a system that was the first of it’s kind and enjoyed a 50k payday in 6 months.

I then moved on to found a larger corporation Monopolize Social Media which is extremely more successful with corporate clients and a full time staff. 

That being said I am a man that loves challenges. I figured what were the odds with millions and millions of services being sold that I could do it again a 2nd time just for my own personal challenge.

Well 6 months later add another 30k to the bank roll. Yes I did it again. Now do I manage it? No.

 I have a team I have trained to my elite system that NO ONE knows what it is. Some may know bits and pieces but believe me I am the only one that knows A through Z.

 For example do you know how PARAMOUNT it is to be the recommended gig for an entire category?

Well let’s say it is like a printing press. 

Do you know how to get on the recommended gigs list? 

That by the way is the equivalent of the front page of YouTube or 1st search result in Google for a popular keyword. 

Well actually I do know how. It took me over 400 experiments, tweaks, keyword changes to name a few.

To run an operation like this very few will ever know what is involved from having staff help that you have to train and 1099 at the end of the year.

 If someone gets sick so many variables and each person has a specific task. To me I just collect my percent for founding the account and the rest is run by people in my employ.

 I created the worlds largest fiverr google+ business page and use that to advertise our companies services all the time. Does it work? I would say 200 orders a week says yes. This is also a service we provide if you are interested amongst 19 others.

This is the link to promoting your fiverr gigs on our page or anything else you want to bring awareness to. Fact is for 5 bucks you are probably paying a company 500 for the same result. LINK

So will I ever write the full HOW TO EBOOK on the real secret to cracking fiverr? Maybe. Until then I enjoy the top of the hill to myself.

If you really want to find out there is 1 way and a few have taken me up on it and do very well. You can schedule an appointment it will take 3 hrs via phone/skype. The fee is 500 USD.

Yes a small investments but if you listen to what I tell you over the 3 hours you will be making that every week or at least every 2 weeks OR MORE!

If you are in need of our micro services you can hire us here we have 20 services ranging from 5 to 50 dollars. OUR SERVICES

If you are interested in full service social media and SEO marketing contact our corporation Monopolize Social Media

Fact is this you can keep trying the same old nonsense methods or firms out there that don’t have a clue what they are doing or you can get people that do. 

 After going viral on YouTube, KRED Influencer Of The Month, Top 5 Klout Influencer, Front page of the San Jose Mercury Times, Daily Dot Interview, Ranked 300 in The USA on Gplus even 25 LinkedIn recommendations from high level CEO’s. My body of work speaks for itself. 

If you wish to set up a 3 hour appointment on how this system works be ready to learn be ready to work but if you listen you will make a decent living I put my reputation on that.

 Here are a few examples of embedded gplus posts from our fiverr gplus business page.


 As you can see great interaction.


 Even better conversions.


When you are ready to learn from someone that REALLY knows what they are doing let me know.


EMAIL [email protected] to set yours up today. I only take 2 a week due to my numerous businesses.

Monopolize Social Media 

Micro Services Firm

Good Luck To You. Justin Matthew President Of MSM

 Company and Personal Klout Score of 80. On Wikipedia

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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