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The formula to 1 million blog views.

The formula to 1 million blog views. Justin Matthew March 2012 knowing nothing about the internet I decided to make a career from it.  According to one source, there are more than 180 million blogs… Most of these blogs get less than 900 visitors per month, and the harsh reality is, the majority of those […]

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The Most Popular Google+ Circle Share In History

The Most Popular Google+ Circle Share In History SO about 3 weeks ago I had a contest with myself…could I beat Google and actually pass them for the most engaged circle share in the history of google+? The reason why I did it is because the last 14 months I more or less stopped working […]

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The Secret to Making Money on Fiverr Twice (UPDATE)

                                    The Secret to Making Money on Fiverr Twice (UPDATE) I received so many emails about this article I will show yet another tactic that makes this all happen.  The actual post on gplus led to a 39% […]

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The Key To Twitter For Free

                        The Key To Twitter For FreePeople ask all the time how do you get followers on twitter. I manage about 25 accts, two of which are pictured below. Combined 200,000 followers here alone.  The other 23 average 14,000 each…HOW? By tweeting diverse and funny info. I have included 30 for free in this article. […]

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Empire Avenue & Monopolize Social Media

Avenue Lives… On Many Social Levels Active members of the Empire Avenue community might have noticed that very suddenly we have a Pinterest channel, an official Tumblr channel, a re-introduced Instagram channel and maybe some more activity on our Facebook Page… what’s going on you might ask! As you know, Empire Avenue is filled with some […]

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Google+ Login Rate on the Rise According to First Quarter Trends

                      Google+ Login Rate on the Rise According to First Quarter Trends MY MAIN MAN Remember when Google+ first launched? Maybe you don’t. For most people the launch temporarily reaffirmed that Facebook was still king of the mountain. With the exception of video chat, Google’s new social network failed to offer anything unique or […]

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Lighting Strikes Twice $$$

                                    Lighting Strikes Twice $$$            Here is a photo of 50k net of mine                 Need more proof  Fiverr King Interview Hi many of you know and many do not that I was a seller on fiverr for 7 months and I sold over 60,000 in services which led to awards, interviews and eventually the […]

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Google+ to increase your SEO

               Google+ to increase your SEO You need Google+ to increase your SEO, raise your organic rankings, and build your business online. I just hit number 25 on the best sellers list on Amazon photo below. “When you go onto your computer, where do you go to look for something? Google!  When people look for […]

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                               Glowing Hands Can you think of a way to make your hands glow in the dark?For this experiment you will need:• a black light• petroleum jelly• latex gloves if you don’t want to get your hands messy (caution: some people are […]

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Top FREE SEO Tools For Your Blog

                  Top FREE SEO Tools For Your Blog Before I jump in here you will see below I made 60,000 dollars on in 6 months. If you want to learn how I offer private 1 on 1 phone calls contact me at [email protected]  OK read on and see […]

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