The Year of Online Influence! Klout, Kred, Peer Index

 Year of Online Influence! Klout, Kred, Peer Index

If 2011 was Google Plus bursting on the scene, 2012 will be defined as the year when online influence measuring came of age. Klout,  Kred and Peer Index have been busy rewriting the rules of the game, there is no way back with respect to the step forward they took for online reputation and personal branding. They say a GREAT score is 45 or higher well I am sitting pretty at a 65! Klout Score If you want to know tips ask me.

Klout came under heavy firebecause of an upgrade and a change of their algorithm basically we were pissed our score dropped! The creative teams behind Klout put the fire out by incorporating features that have added complexity but also a new reliability.

I think most will admit we are better off today than in the pre-Klout era when number of followers, RTs and updates were the only tools at our disposal. The level of sophistication displayed by the three apps I’ll be considering sets the stage of a new golden era in the measuring of influence.

Klout has been of the first online influence measuring tools.  Its popularity has been helped by the two key features  its ‘game’ feel (with colorful badges and perks) together with its ‘social’ elements (Klout allows us to build a community of ‘influencers’ and ‘influenced’, create new Twitter-style lists, and endorse with ‘K+’ influencers who deal with topics such as personal branding,internet marketing or careers –Klout users get tagged  from ‘broadcaster’ (currently a broadcaster myself) to ‘pundit’ and including ‘celebrity’, ‘thought leader’ and ‘specialist’. Even if this was Klout’s only feature, it would make the application pretty cool

Those with a more numbers and analytics streak  will love Peer Index, the English answer to Klout. Peer Index announced that it would integrate with the Twitter app SocialBro, proof of the growing popularity of online influence measurers with social media and more specifically Twitter apps. Do not be misled by numbers: even when the Peer Index score goes from 0 to 100, a figure above 50 would mean that you are in the top 10 percentile (I am currently 60) Peer Index Score and a figure above 90 in top the 0.1%.

 Factors taken into account in the Peer Index algorithm include Authority, Resonance, Audience, Activity and a filter to ensure that we are not spammers or a bot. Recently the Peer Index CEO asserted that his tool was not just able to detect how influential a person was, but also how engaged they were on certain topics and announced that Peer Index would integrate with Hootsuite and Tweetdeck competitors MarketMeSuite. Bear in mind that at present Peer Index (unlike Klout) focuses exclusively on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Now  KRED another online influence measuring app taking the Social Media community by shock and awe. KRED stands out due to the unique transparency of its algorithm and the fact that we don’t get a score for a change but a dual mutually-reinforcing metric of Influence and Outreach – both including factors such as RTs, Twitter DMs, G+1, follows, etc. Kred was the most transparent and with reason: the app lists every single online interaction considered and the ‘points’ it has generated. Kred is also innovative in that it allows us to add offline influence to its algorithm by contacting the PeopleBrowsr team that created the app and telling them of our achievements in fields like sports, academia, etc. They say 0.01 percent have an 800 Kred score I will take my 792! KRED OUTREACH

We are witnessing the impact of online influence measuring tools on personal branding, with companies including Klout and similar scores for interviewing processes! The integration of Klout, Kred & Peer Index with other social media tools will accelerate and it will not be long before it will simply become impractical to use Twitter without reference to an influence score. I highly advise that you use all 3 of these apps and get used to them as you have only seen the beginning. Get in NOW.

For tips on how I have accomplished such a high mark in all 3 applications ask me and I will tell! Justin Matthew
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