Want 10 to 50 times more traffic?

Ok I am not claiming to be some know it all little punk when it comes to social media but when you sell 150 gigs a week on fiverr you know I am doing something correct.

Whether it is coaching on klout currently a 75 or how to become number 1 in any topic (Pinterest YouTube business travel instagram online presence passion number 5 in klout 4 in Dallas on and on.

Perhaps it is because I was the KRED INFLUENCER of the month.

Well I guess it could be because I am ranked 680 in the USA ON GPLUS and am a power pinned with a 100 score 9k followers. Perhaps 50k instagagram followers and 70k on twitter?

Maybe being in 50 YouTube videos viewed 52 million times who knows!!

I do know this corporations you see on TV making movies and airplanes hire me for my advice and are repeat clients.

So that leads me to this blog post and I AM NOT a blogger and get 6k hits a day! I set up Skype JMHHACKER FOR 30 min to 2 hr social media advice chats on any or all the above.

I am cutting my going rate in half 300 for 1 full hr and you can record it. I get about 6 calls a week other then my other gigs from www.justinjmhhacker.com If you want to bring 10 20 or 50 times the traffic you are getting now that is a gift.

Just figured I would offer as I get asked all the time oh and FB TO whatever you want to discuss go to my website call or email and I will give you the step up on everyone that’s a fact . Take care Justin Matthew.

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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