You are a Number BEWARE

I, you the guy you retweeted have become a number. If you are active on social media  Twitter, Facebook, etc,  WE ARE NOTHING BUT A NUMBER, but play the game don’t let the game play you!

In the eyes of a new breed of influence marketers. Our numbers are being sliced, diced, priced, dissected, in ways that will help companies NOT YOU but corporations sell more of their soap or hats etc.

If you worked hard and are one of the lucky ones that has a high number, it can earn you a free gaming system, movie tickets, clothes, sports equipment, a vacation to Las Vegas or Europe, a trip to the set of hit tv shows but those are for the big boys the INFLUENCERS.

If your number is low, you will receive nothing more or less.Oh and when you hear people say I don’t care about that stuff but they are on the internet 5 hours a day believe me they care and they know everybody else’s scores. They’re posted for the world to see.

This trend of social scoring is creating new classes of  social media elites and losers, attempts to separate and create resentment. TELL ME YOU CAN”T SEE THAT!! It is the real world now just on social media you have your lawyers, Dr, Stock brokers just like you have the guy taking your order asking if you want fries with that. It is human nature

If you have a social media account, you are already being judged. Companies like Klout, PeerIndex,  KRED, Pinfluence and Twitter Grader scoring 100’s of millions eventually billions, of people on their level of influence. Luckily I am in the 98th percentile so whatever is planned I should do OK!

And they’re not simply looking at the number of followers or friends you have. They are beginning to measure online influence through complex algorithms tweaked every day by teams of  researchers and scientists. YES THIS IS THAT BIG!

 When companies such as Disney, Nike, and Microsoft are creating successful marketing efforts centered on people’s social influence scores, as a business professional, you take that seriously!!

 These companies are dominating a new marketing channel based on access to personal influence. The more success these brands have, the more prizes, trips they’ll throw at the elite influence class and the masses left behind will continue to separate.

A new social media system is in play determined by how and when you tweet, connect, share, and comment. The influencers may score better jobs, higher social status, even better luck on the dating scene. How are you going to do?

The good news this world of social influence,  the shy, and the overlooked can become celebrities in their part of the internet. You don’t have to be a move star.  Every person has a chance to get to be the man!!  This is your time.

You too can be an Internet celebrity. You too can earn your way into the influence class. You too can discover the power of your own return on influence. And in fact, many companies already have.

If you want me to write more on this let me know! Justin Matthew and yes I am an influencer!

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