Up and Coming Youtubers

These days there are so many videos uploaded to youtube you can’t find the gems.

Here are 3 I believe are going to the top.

Be sure to check out their channels as I will include a link.

We have

Dominic White – Sketch Comedy

My name is Dominic White. People tell me I’m funny. People are often wrong.

Go To His Channel!

Another wild and crazy kid Mr. Funnymenow
CRAZY VIDEOS no really they are INSANE!!
Funnymenow Youtube Link

We also have a YouTuber named Scott Kinmartin on channel ScottKinmartinTV. 
He has been featured on Ray William Johnson’s channel for a clip he did. 
Watch it here the first 1 minute of the video it is hilarious!
You can catch Scott on CHECK OUT ScottkinmartinTV

Those are 3 channels that when I need a laugh always deliver!!
I say you do the same. Justin JMHHACKER

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