The Benefits of YouTube for Your Company

YouTube has gained extensive popularity and face time with the average person. With people becoming celebrities straight from YouTube, it is easy to see how broad the website’s reach has become and how important this reach can be for your business. From educational videos and advertisements to branding opportunities, YouTube gives you the ability to broadcast your name and begin accessing your company’s full potential.

Connect with Users

YouTube has great potential for marketing if a business successfully navigates the difficulties of connecting to users in a meaningful way. Company videos designed to sell a product can be boring and generate little traffic alone, but partnering with a YouTube celebrity is a great way to reach a larger audience unaware of your company or product. YouTube celebrities are constantly asked to plug a product because they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers who view them regularly.

If you have a niche product, you may find a YouTube celebrity with an audience interested in your product or service. After finding a potential partner, businesses benefit from providing sample products to the YouTube celebrity for them to talk about or critique. Mentioning your business and product(s) will generate new interest from a nationwide audience.

Entertain Cleverly

Most YouTube celebrities earned their fame by entertaining or participating in social activities important to tens of thousands of people. As more businesses turn to YouTube, competition for audience attention grows and boring or bland material is ignored. Businesses need ingenuity and humorous, creative advertising to make their brand stand out. YouTube videos are easy to make, but one long video will not garner the attention your brand deserves. Several videos that are entertaining or thought provoking will make your brand stand out and lead consumers to research further.

The newest marketing trend is to tell a YouTube story. Advertising your brand through storytelling and visualization engages customers and helps them visualize your brand. Videos featuring customers are a great way to share business messages with more authenticity than short written statements.

Fans are Resources

Customers loyal to your brand are a perfect resource for YouTube videos by way of short, fan-made videos and testimonials. Positive testimonials relay customer’s satisfaction while negative videos can become opportunities for improvement. If done cleverly and humorously, some videos can directly address specific customers’ questions or comments about a brand or business.

Think Long-Term

YouTube isn’t about generating a single viral video. YouTube celebrities and businesses create their own channels where they add new videos regularly. When considering this platform for business, it is important to determine how you intend to market your brand and what its long term purpose will be. Businesses must consider the differences between creating educational or entertainment videos and whether their goal is to increase subscribers or to channel viewers to their business website. Consistent tone and brand messages between videos will keep viewers engaged and interested.

The success of a video is determined by whether or not a viewer watches the entire video. Most viewers decide whether a video is worth watching within the first 15 seconds. Those 15 seconds is critical for building curiosity and delivering a preview of what your video or brand has to offer. A quick, well-animated introduction communicates to your viewers that your video is of high quality and worth watching. Lastly, a call to action or prompt to subscribe to your channel, watch related videos, “like” or share, or visit your website will boost traffic. Equally important is asking viewers to leave comments, questions, or requests below the video. Comments engage viewers and give your business opportunities to engage in one-on-one communication or get ideas for future video content.

YouTube has fantastic marketing potential for your business and promoting your brand. For more information on using social media for marketing your company, contact iBoom today.


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How To Have An Epic Social Media Profile.

How To Have An Epic Social Media Profile.

People spend hours trying to put together the perfect socil bio. Getting it right means delivering a powerful speech in– 30 seconds to two minutes. The goal is to connect and continue the conversation after the doors slide shut.

You have ten to thirty seconds – and 160 characters – to convince someone to engage with you.

Another perfect business opportunity wasted because of no good elevator pitch Are you investing time in your social media profiles? If you’re not, you should be. All I did was buld my social proile up as I becane my career. Now it is over flowing with fantastic wrk not to brag but it is.

I’ll make a set of recommendations for how Silverpop can improve their Twitter, FaceBook and Google+ social bios.

Perfecting Your Social Media Profile Bios

Imagine the sales rep pacing his office rehearsing his elevator pitch, prepping for the moment he finds himself face-to-face with the CEO of his key target. That’s you perfecting your social media bio. It takes work to get it right.

Quick Tips:

  1. Keep SEO in mind. Many of the search engines are using social media bios in their programs. Create your bios to leverage key wordsat the same time giving eaders to ise them.
  2. Remember, you’re trying to convince prospects and influencers to engage with you – follow, circle, like and comment on your social media activity. Your bio should tell them what your company does and what benefits you deliver. INfact I crush must of any one that look at my socila achievementdso if anything I have to hold back.
  3. Keep SEO in mind. Many of the search engines are using social media bios in their algorithms. Craft your bios to leverage key words while still offering prospects a compelling reason to engage.
  4. Be Visual. The visual richness of social media has increased dramatically—from the massive hero image on Google+ to the new twitter profile pages. Learn about the new visual specs in this post from my LinkedIn
  5. It’s critical every word in your bio works hard. Common mistakes include informing visitors that they’ve reached “The Official channel of [company name]” and identifying the team of contributors.
  6. Consider adding a call to action to your bio. Further engage your audience with the offer of a free trial, free taste, free download, etc.
  7. Include Links and Consider Landing Pages. Be sure to include a link in your bios and you should consider sending them to a landing page with targeted messaging instead of your homepage.
  8. Be Visual. The visual richness of social media has increased dramatically—from the massive hero image on Google+ to the new twitter profile pages. Learn about the new visual specs in this post from LunaMetrics.

Quick Reference

Keeping track of best practices and specifications can be a challenge. All the channels have made changes in last 12 months. I’ve captured the basics in the reference tool below.

Social Media Bio Best Practices Guide
Click for full-size image

Stand Out From The Crowd.

Every three months you should review your social bios to ensure they’re in line with your current value proposition.

At the same time, take a look at your competitors’ social media “elevator pitch” and determine if you need to counter their positioning.

You can use a spreadsheet, or a side-by-side comparison like the one below from, Rival IQ.

Check out the Facebook short descriptions from companies in the marketing automation space.

Marketing Automation Facebook Descriptions
Click for full-size image

Quickly you get a sense of each company’s value proposition. For example, Eloqua is claiming acceleration of revenue growth, Hubspot is promoting an “all in one” solution and more leads and Pardo is focused on “no hassle” marketing automation.

History Is Telling

If you track changes to your competitor’s social bios, you’ll be able to extract insights about how the market is evolving and inform your own marketing strategy. Here’s a look at how the marketing automation players changed their Twitter positioning over six months.

Marketo Twitter Change 9 months ago

9 months ago, Marketo deletes positioning for B2B marketers and expands the breadth of their offering.

Eloqua Twitter Change 8 months ago

8 months ago, Eloqua expands their bio to include “modern marketing strategies.” Likely not a key word addition, but an answer to Marketo’s change.

Pardot Twitter Change 7 Months ago

7 months ago, Pardot adds acquisition messaging, includes more benefits and specifically calls out SMBs.

Pardot Twitter Change 3 Months ago

3 months ago , Pardot expands their market, deleting the previous focus on B2B and SMBs. Also revise their benefits.

Based on this series of bio changes, I’d posit that Marketo kicked off a positioning shift that rippled through the market.

Consistency Counts.

The individuals you reach on social media don’t limit themselves to just one channel. They’re likely to engage with you on Twitter and Facebook, or Linked In and Twitter or maybe on three or four channels at once. When you’re optimizing one social media bio, it’s important to optimize all of them, reinforcing both key messages and key words. Continuing to look at the marketing automation landscape, I’ve created a side-by-side comparison of Twitter, FaceBook and Google+ bios. Take a look and see who gets high marks.

Marketing Automation Social Bios Competitors
Click for full-size image

While all the companies have room for improvement, I’m giving HubSpot the highest grade for consistency and use of best practices. Marketo goes too far by having identical bios across all channels and fails to use links or calls to action. Add to Marketo’s downfall the failure to maximize the length of their bios, and we find Silverpop at the bottom of the class.

Putting Learning Into Practice.

Let’s put our learning to work and suggest ways for Silverpop to improve their social media bios.
Below are the company’s current descriptions:

Silverpop Social Media Bios

Best Practices Observations

  • Share Your Value Proposition. Silverpop consistently describes what they do, but outside of the long-form Linked In description, fails to explain the benefits they deliver. This makes their bios less compelling to the reader.
  • Maximize Your Real Estate. Silverpop can lengthen their bios to be more engaging. They have ~50 more characters available on Twitter alone.
  • Include Links. Adding a link to SilverPop’s Facebook description is not only a best practice, it would bring them in line with what their competitors are doing. They’d receive bonus points for directing traffic to a landing page with more targeted messaging.
  • Competitive Positioning. Reading through the competitive bios reveals that “unifying” channels may not differentiate Silverpop. HubSpot’s “all in one” positioning is virtually identical.


I look at my current LinkedIn Bio It gets 1,800 views a week.

  • “We know marketers because we are marketers.”
  • I SHOW THEM every dang thing they would miss of they passed me a “return on relationship” by leveraging
  • I build brand loyalty and increase ROI.
  •   Crete a buzz in the customer behavior to deliver results
  • I have servciced ver 16,000 people or compnaies in the wirls.

Key Takeaways

  • You should be reviewed and optimized every 3 months
  • Stay up to date on your visual bios are working hard for you
  • Evaluate the your competitors bios (and those you re going after) great insight and inspiration
  • Track changes in positioning to identify subtle shifts that signal market movement
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The “Advertising” Qualities of Instagram

The “Advertising” Qualities of Instagram

Promotion and advertisement –The 2 necessitates of a successful venture. The main goal is always to convince people from all walks of life from all over the world to be interested in YOUR product.


The most important thing when a business is looking for a spot is the accessibility of the location and the number of people who pass by it everyday.

It is always important to place one’s base in a “crowded” area.

Welcome to 2014 the most visited place today is the worldwide web. Millions of people use actively everyday social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Many businesses have seen the potential market in this sites that they decided to join in the trend. 

I have had the privilege of representing over 33 major companies ranging from technology, clothing, festivals, supplements, travel, gaming even hair dye.

Some of these companies do over 20 million in revenue a year others 100,000

Taking one’s business to social media sites is advantageous in many ways:

  • This is a less expensive method of promoting and advertising a certain business, organization, or individual.
  • Think about it having an instagram account with 64,000 followers is so powerful each time you post a photo of your product 15% of those followers see it sometimes as high as 20% so that is 12,000 possible buyers per post. 
  • OH did I mention no lease on an instagram account!
  • This allows massive interaction and to establish a good relationship with the potential buyers and/or supporters.

For example below this one photo for a client had 126 comments YES 126! Do you know how many purchased the product? 29 That is 29 * 50 dollars each about 1,500 dollars 1 post. GET IT NOW??

Instagram is  visited by more than 90 million people everyday. Just imagine the number of potential customers daily.

If you want to get involved along with our other 50 clients I invite you to read our testimonials check out the accounts whatever you need to do.

Justin Matthew


Our company will blast your brand into the next level.

We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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How YOU get Facebook Traffic To Your Page

How YOU get Facebook Traffic To Your Page

OK I am asked about 20 times a day to like a new FB page as I am sure you are. I will like all pages posted here as will everyone in this chain START with
IBoom once you have liked it post your page here!Simply add your page to the post.



Justin Matthew

Partner at IBoom Media

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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Earn 200 Dollars a day Using Pinterest by JMHHACKER

I work online for a living now 4 years I have spoken to a TON of people and they weren’t making money so don’t feel left out.

Early on when I was just cracking into my 1st 50k online from fiverr etc I also did this and this can make you serious money.

Pinterest is an online pin board, allowing people to share or ‘pin’ things they like, typically in image form.

They belong to range of categories including: food & drink, weddings, fashion and books amongst others. The beauty of this  system is that each image or pin is able to link to a certain page online. 

Affiliate sales most people think and SEO. This is good news for two reasons. Firstly, Pinterest is known to convert better than any of the other big social media websites (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.) and links are still DoFollow; meaning you get the SEO credit.

Next, these links can be in the description of  pins and as the source URL.

We just turned Pinterest into a 80% off sale at the mall if your willing to work a little but once you do imagine having 100 200 even 3 to 400 a day flow in!

How is it targeted you may ask? 

Well, there are a number of categories and ‘boards’

 people following those boards are also involved in the product or niche we choose

 By pinning things in that niche, and broadcasting it to others inside you essentially get a quick way of bringing more people to your website Furthermore, Pinterest is another way you can interlink your social media campaigns. 

With Facebook & Twitter integration pin to their networks in order to leverage your social reach.

In a nutshell, we want to convert traffic from Pinterest to a  landing page, I personally have 20 or more and literally just for that item like (Wedding dresses) 

So I get for example which includes the ability to buy the item pinned, in return, leading us to an affiliate sale, ad click or some other form of monetization.

  • Find a niche aLike Home Decor Art Design DIY Photography etc
  • Upload about 50 images be sure to SEO and link them also price tag pins using in that category.
  • Follow 500- people in that niche how you do this is as in the example I did wedding dresses I simply went to a few wedding boards and followed the people following them!!
  • Upload 200 more  pins into that category(Yes many tools exist so look around)
  • Traffic from pins to your filled keyword  blog (i.e. EXAMPLE That literally cost me 12 bucks
    • This website will contain product listings, with direct Amazon (or eBay) affiliate links. The products will usually be same or similar to the pins the user clicked through.

      Make a simple opt in opt in form, and exit blocker to capture opt can stick up Adsense code, sell private ad space, sell goods through drop shipping etc. Pinterest just acts as the funnel through which traffic will arrive at your website.

      Refer to the Top Niches choose 1
      To get more niche ideas use the Google Keyword Tool
      Next we need to find a new domain. Stick your keyword (i.e. sunglasses) into the keyword tool and look at the results.

      As you can see you get plenty of hits back to run with Try to find something short, which receives at least 1,000 ‘EXACT’ searches per month,

      and has either a .com/.net or a .org version of the domain available.  To register the domain, I use They are quick and fast.

      Now for those of you with Internet experience you can probably get 3 sites up tonight others it may take you 2 weeks the point is don’t give up I just gave you a way to earn 30 to 60k a year here. I will not hand it all on a silver platter but I gave you a fishing pole and a lake now get to work!

      I wish I had help like his when I was messing around early on!

                                                            Justin Matthew
      Partner at IBoom Media

      Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
      We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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What Instagram Can Do for Your Business

Instagram is well-known as an online forum for sharing photos with friends, so what use would a business have for it? There are several, because it’s full of consumers and a natural platform for sharing information and opinions. Instagram employs a straightforward process to set up an account and begin sharing not only products, but also the culture and mindset behind a brand. Pictures can show attributes of a company that cannot be adequately expressed in words and can be an important aspect of a company’s overall image.

Window Shop

The idea behind window shopping is to give consumers a peak at what is available, and create an interest in your other products or services. When consumers see something they like, they ask questions and talk to others about the product. The idea of window shopping is great for business because consumers who find a product or service they like are apt to share the information with others. By sharing, information relevant to your company is spread throughout different social groups, reaching a broader audience.

Through Instagram, captions provide the information you want shared. Information may include location details, sales information, and product information. Within a single caption, Instagram enables businesses to intrigue followers and offer a taste of the type of product or quality of service a company provides.

Behind the Scenes

Consumers have a natural curiosity about where a product comes from or how it is made. Sharing photos from behind-the-scenes adds a human element to both product and service. These photos may reveal various stages of product development or the different points of a service as it is carried out. Behind-the-scenes photos can foster a feeling of inclusion and trust between business and consumer.


The trick for any business is to remain true to their brand while finding images that define their individual personality. Businesses that successfully use Instagram use photos which are not overly staged or serious. Organic photos that feature a product in use provide an audience with realistic expectations of how that product performs. Encouraging consumers to capture their own creative photos to share also widens your audience, thereby strengthening your brand.


Businesses that provide services rather than products can and do use Instagram as a social platform. A good example is General Electric. Rather than focus on products the company powers, the company shares images of a broader mission – a mission to empower and move the world. The trick GE uses in their images is to create a story out of various pictures that align with their business objectives for the year.

Similar businesses can replicate GE’s strategy. For instance, a business providing landscaping services could not only share images of employees at work, but those of dream landscapes, seasonal plants, or how landscapes change with the season.

A company aware of their followers on Instagram will be able to participate in whatever photos are trending. They can use relevant material to share more information about the company and its mission as well. Carefully following popular trends and building content around audience culture promotes brand awareness and showcases company attributes through pictures rather than words or the opinions of others.

For more information about using Instagram to promote your business or how social media can build brand exposure, contact iBoom today.


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That’s Right…You heard US!

Let us ask you a question (seriously…even though this may sound obvious) What would you rather have….10,000 fake followers or 100 real?

If you are wanting fake followers to prove you are big or have a big following…then go somewhere else! (Try Fiverr…oh and…good luck)

Many of our current clients had 5,000 or even 10,000 fake followers or more before they came to us….and guess how much good that did for them?

Did they get any interaction whatsoever?

We have seen accounts that have 500,000 or 1,000,000 followers/likes and when they make a post they get 11-20 likes! IMPOSSIBLE.

Read testimonials from some of the world top companies.

That is where IBOOM comes in and BLOWS the competition away.

In fact we haven’t had anyone that can even stand up to the challenge of even coming close to what we do. We will take on any Challengers! REAL PEOPLE, REAL LIKES, REAL FOLLOWERS — REAL RESULTS!

iBOOM is on a whole ‘nother LEVEL!

How would you like to get targeted users that are actually interested in your service or products?

How would you like to target a certain AREA of the country?

How would you like to target your COMPETITIONS followers? How would you like to have sales come to you from your social efforts?

If you answered yes…..

NO ONE does it better than iBOOM! It doesn’t matter what service, what product, or what genre….we can target and show you results that will BLOW you away.

At the end of the day you want real people that are interested in YOU or YOUR business! Enough Said! BOOM!!!

iBOOM headed up by Justin Matthews (WORLD RECORD HOLDER 61,439 followers|13,601,863 views).

(WORLD RECORD…Google+ is actually in 3rd place themselves)
(Youtube Sensation)
(Interview with Justin on his ONLINE KRED)
(Front page San Jose Mercury news interview)
Justin has managed over 300 viral videos averaging 2.8 million views each… also promoted and directed sponsored videos and promotions.
Look for yourself

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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Using Twitter to Get Your Brand Out There

Some people view Twitter as a waste of time. While a mere 140 characters can feel pointless, brevity works to your advantage; messages can be succinct and well-crafted. And they must be to grab attention in a noisy online world. From a business perspective, it is integral to have a Twitter account because it enables genuine talk with clients, connecting with them on a more personal level. Getting a product noticed is swift via Twitter and has the ability to be unexpectedly endorsed by celebrities.

Basic Communication

Twitter is a direct link between a company and all audience members. It provides an open forum where within seconds, anyone can read and share messages to or about your company. The real-time application of Twitter makes it the perfect tool for open communication where consumers can participate and spread your brand from anywhere. As a mobile app, your audience can engage and discuss your brand from work, home, or on the go. Twitter can be a tool for education too. Your company can share links, photos, or general information about your business or industry that raise awareness on industry issues or get a conversation going.

As a communication tool, the tone and voice used in Twitter are important. It is necessary for companies to change tone when addressing serious customer concerns. If a company’s tone is jovial, it will create tension when consumers are stressed or unsatisfied with a service or product. Direct communication is important, but some conversations may be better handled offline, especially in instances where exchanges become too damaging or information specific.

Establishing Brand

Twitter messages are short, which places serious focus on language and voice. What a company wants to say and how they say it strongly determines how an audience will respond. Well conceived tweets can strengthen consumer relationships, while a tweet made in the heat of the moment or out of frustration can do the opposite. The trick is to plan out tweets ahead of time and be authentic without being overly formal.

Making your brand stand out is important, and that requires sharing information about the company which consumers can’t find elsewhere. This could include occasionally sharing information about what happens behind-the-scenes or tossing around ideas for new products or services.

Research regarding Twitter conducted by a joint partnership between The Advertising Research Foundation, Fox, and DB5, found that tweets do effect consumer behavior. One of the key findings was that people follow brands they care about in order to engage in one-on-one conversations and get access to news, special offers, and products not found anywhere else. In addition to talking about their favorite brands, over three-quarters mentioned the brands they followed by name.

Companies experience secondary benefits from tweets, including a boost in website activity after a tweet is posted mentioning their brand. Tweets increase online searches for the brand and are periodically re-tweeted by followers, further increasing brand presence and audience. Businesses utilizing Twitter experience direct and indirect sales benefits from tweets. Tweets from brands and Twitter users about brands drive sales and company engagement both online and offline.

Research has proven Twitter provides businesses a solid ROI and is a great marketing resource. For more on using social media or Twitter for your business, contact iBoom today.


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Go Viral By Using ALL Networks.

Go Viral By Using ALL Networks.

Feel Free To Like On Instagram.

Follow Deer Antler ‘s board Deer Antler Velvet Extract on Pinterest.

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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How Facebook Can Bring Your Business to the Marketplace

Facebook reaches an audience of more than one billion people, which makes it a powerful platform in today’s competitive advertising market. In addition to adding a more human element to marketing, Facebook has numerous features that bring value to by building brand awareness and providing direct contact with customers. The power of Facebook provides large and small businesses the opportunity to create a platform for brand discussion and sharing.

Facebook as Research Tool

Facebook is a great marketing resource, but is only as effective as your business website or business model. Consumers use Facebook as a tool to learn about companies and products, and often judge a company on how active they are and what other consumers say about them.

Just as consumers use Facebook to research a company, businesses can use Facebook to learn more about their audience and experiment with posts, ads, and offers to generate more traffic and sales. After identifying your audience, publish content that is both appealing and represents how you want your company to appear.

Sharing information is an important component of social media and is how consumers research through Facebook. Businesses benefit from sharing promotions or major business events, sharing photos or videos important to the company’s services or products, and addressing questions or comments in a timely manner. Responding to consumer’s comments or questions provides an important human element and demonstrates commitment. It can turn negative exposures into opportunities to educate your audience about your company.

Business Exposure

Many businesses use Facebook to foster a foundation for their brand, and sales can be made by asking for feedback and responding. Businesses also run contests, create polls, and create other activities to engage customers and keep them active.

Effective Facebook posts share information about the business and the industry. Authenticity is created when businesses are willing to share mistakes and ask for feedback from the target audience. Additionally, linking to your company’s website will increase traffic and generate more interest in your product and services. Providing pictures of your product encourages further page exploration while strengthening the connection between product and consumer.

Targeting your Audience

Small business Facebook users benefit from simple online-marketing provided by the social network. Posting and updating a Facebook page creates a unique opportunity to interact in a personal way. When small businesses provide niche products or services, Facebook provides the opportunity to reach out to niche customers and directly compete with larger corporations.

The first step is to identify your target audience and what content connects with them. Facebook makes finding new customers within that target audience easy by creating ads using specific targeting options. Your business can target an audience by location, interests, and demographics. Businesses can increase page traffic by offering coupons to consumers who have already “liked” their business page. A company may not get millions of “likes,” but will build a loyal brand audience of engaged consumers who will advocate for the company among others.

For more information on how social media and Facebook can help fuel your business’ growth or promote your brand, contact iBoom today.


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