The Power of Social Media to Fuel Business Growth

Digital marketing of business through social media has transformed into not only a powerful tool, but the driving force for profits and ROI businesses need. In an age where information is easily accessible, consumers routinely look for information about businesses and the opinions and experiences of others. Consumers use social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google +, while other social media networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram generate consumer interest as well.

A well-designed social media presence can bring new customers to your business and support the needs of existing customers. Of the many companies that utilize social media, 90% claim to have at least one measurable business benefit. For businesses, there is a correlation between social media use and profitability, but only when they successfully develop social media as a business tool. In addition to attracting customers, the use of social media networks has many other benefits.

Connect Employees

For most small businesses, arranging a business meeting may not be difficult, but for medium or large businesses it can create logistical difficulties. Work retreats, meetings, and conferences often cost too much for employers to organize. Social media satisfies this need with connections. Divisions in which employees are unfamiliar with each other can discuss common problems via social networks and also generate solutions while sharing experiences.

Promote Brand

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting brand, but if not used correctly, it can harm rather than help brand image. Interacting with customers where they are is the best way to promote your brand. Find out where conversations about your company are taking place and promote your brand there. This requires a strong degree of social awareness and defining both target audience and their interaction habits.

Once the audience is clearly identified, keep your brand message active through consistent content that possesses collective social wisdom. When social content is consistently engaging, customers interact and share content more readily. This requires businesses to provide timely content relevant to the customer.

Social media can also have negative consequences. Negative reviews or stories can harm business, and few know how to mitigate the negative effects online. Too often, businesses use social media to react to customers rather than making customer interaction part of the everyday customer experience. Businesses should be proactive and share information or opinions that are relevant to the brand and industry. This helps negate poor exposure and builds brand loyalty.

While consistency is important, your business must listen to customers and deliver more than lip service. To effectively monitor and promote your brand, listen and manage conversations by sharing knowledge and information that is up-to-date without duplicating the same message repeatedly.

Adaptation Tools

Large companies routinely benefit from social media use by addressing customer concerns and using feedback to improve products or develop new product ideas. By following customer comments and tracking “likes” on Facebook, companies learn what is important to customers. Building efficient social interactions into the customer experience improves customer satisfaction, retains customers, and increases revenue through greater up-sell opportunities.

Fully incorporating social media into the customer experience brings optimal ROI and is accomplished when companies deliver brand promises. As consumer behaviors change, small businesses need to recognize those changes and adapt with them. This means embracing social technologies as a part of everyday business practice and dedicating part of the business day to managing social media accounts. By remaining socially active, your business will differentiate itself from other brands and possibly influence customer behavior.

Designing Social Presence

Social media as a business tool connects your company with your audience (whether employees or consumers) on an authentic level. After creating an audience profile, your company will be better prepared to design and deliver message content on the social network your audience prefers. Not all social networks are the same; different channels are favored by different audiences.

Optimize social presence by creating ways to share content and include a call to action (CTA) asking for more engagement. To get customers talking, ask for feedback and respond positively to all responses. If your company is small and lacking a person dedicated to maintaining social channels, find time to respond to a few comments a day or share links to show your company is active and relevant.

For more information on how social media can help fuel your business’ growth, contact iBoom today.


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LARGEST Popular Google+ Circle Share In History

LARGEST Popular Google+ Circle Share In History

I had a contest with myself…could I beat Google and actually pass them for the most engaged circle share in the history of Google+?

The reason why I did it is because the last 14 months I more or less stopped working on my personal accts as I manage multiple corporate accounts through my company.

All the methods and shares you see now I already wrote a top 25 best seller on Amazon about 2 years ago. So just for kicks wanted to see if I could do it. I sold it privately promoting it on gplus then at the end put it on Amazon sold over 600 copies and enough to hit top 25!

To be honest I thought I may be able to land 2nd as it required 444 re-shares I believe. While to surpass Google I needed over 902 re shares.

As it stands I believe I have 940 re shares 750 plus 1’s and the max 500 comments.

How was it done? Over many days, many networks and many reposts. Yes I used empire avenue as well but that accounts for max 150 re-shares.

I will simply post below where I promoted this historic Snowballcircleshare.

1 of 20 FB posts

FLICKR I received over 15,000 views by cross promoting.

People discount flickr and I will tell you what. Be sure to title write a description and leave a url in the comment section to lead people back to your destination.

Once I took the time to do this my traffic jumped 1,000 %

Yesterday I had 8,474 views all have links to destinations

For example This photo is number 1 28,021 views

 This 1 14,000

 8k each

 You see it all adds up.

 Now this is the pic that has over 25k views don’t ask me why perhaps tags or the fact that from flickr I can share it directly to tumblr, blogger, FB, twitter, pinterest or wordpress.

 Here is my comment with link

 Oh another here

 Perhaps it is the tags I used

 See 28,021 Views

20 fold and CTR is 25% so you see the advantage it gave me on the 15,000 views of the circle share photo.

TUMBLR was HUGE over 20 posts this one 465 notes

I posted over 25 updates on google+ with updates where we stood like this one.

Here is the original post

The ripples are quite astounding RIPPLES

Pinterest got in the the action also over 600 repins

Now keep in mind I am showing you the posts that took off not the 29 prior pins that got 6 or 24 repins. I would then connect that to tumblr post it to gplus then to FB on to Flickr you get the idea.

The pin then led to a tweet like so

QUICK YOU WANT TO BE IN THE BEST GPLUS CIRCLE? #circleshare #jmhhacker #gplus #circlesharing
— Justin Matthew (@JMHHACKER) November 2, 2013

Then I would post the tweet link all over again on every network some days getting 6 notes or 72 notes other days 3 repins or 28. I even went to instagram

Also just searching tag circleshare on twitter I see the share still all over.

Circle Counts All time record shares

On circlecount they keep track of every stat the link above shows you the ALL time share records.

 So as you can see my share passed googles 2 year old record

What I also did was take 3 random people in the circle and look at their charts right during the share you can se the impact

 Here is my own chart as you can see a nice POP up

Circle count also has a category called cream of the crop considered the most innovative and interesting profiles on gplus on the all time board I am ranked 199 and proud of that.

You will find these fine people/companies there good company to be in!

  1. Marvel EntertainmentVerified in GoogleGoogle+ Page
    0 following
    Cream of the Crop: 11/11/2011
  2. deviantARTVerified in GoogleGoogle+ Page
    OtherTwitterFacebookLinkedIn2,725,356 followers
    1,551 following
    Cream of the Crop: 11/11/2011
  3. Jessica NortheyVerified in Google
    United StatesTwitterFacebookLinkedIn1,259,805 followers
    0 following
    Cream of the Crop: 05/16/2012
  4. Chris HardwickVerified in Google
    United StatesTwitterFacebook999,216 followers
    28 following
    Cream of the Crop: 12/07/2011
  5. Peter HollensVerified in Googletags
    TwitterFacebookLinkedIn656,806 followers
    68 following
    Cream of the Crop: 07/06/2012
  6. The Daily BeastGoogle+ Page
    TwitterFacebook387,522 followers
    156 following
    Cream of the Crop: 11/09/2011
  7. Tony HawkVerified in Google
    35 following
    Cream of the Crop: 01/01/2010
  8. Nokia BrasilVerified in GoogleGoogle+ Page
    TwitterFacebook267,290 followers
    444 following
    Cream of the Crop: 02/08/2013
  9. Tazein Mirza Saadtags
    SingaporeTwitterFacebook209,020 followers
    3,421 following
    Cream of the Crop: 10/15/2012
  10. HTCVerified in GoogleGoogle+ Page
    TwitterFacebook194,739 followers
    12 following
    Cream of the Crop: 11/29/2011
  11. Macy’sVerified in GoogleGoogle+ Page
    0 following
    Cream of the Crop: 11/09/2011

Cream Of The Crop

All and all just wanted to show the work behind the scenes to make that happen it was no walk in the park!

By the way I am not joking my UDEMY course will be one for the ages check out my profile!


To hire our company to help blast your brand into the next level believe me you want to contact us.
We currently represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references.

Justin Matthew [email protected]

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.

We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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How To Post On All Social Networks At Once ~ World Of Social Media

How To Post On All Social Networks At Once ~ World Of Social Media

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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The formula to 1 million blog views.

The formula to 1 million blog views.

Justin Matthew

March 2012 knowing nothing about the internet I decided to make a career from it. 

According to one source, there are more than 180 million blogs…

Most of these blogs get less than 900 visitors per month, and the harsh reality is, the majority of those blogs are, for lack of a better word, failures.

I ended up managing one of the most successful original you tube channels in the world HouseHoldhacker. Started in 2007 still making the viral videos today. 

It was a blast we ran a show called scientific Tuesdays and many more for almost 2 years. Currently the channel has about 2.3 million subs and safe to say with recent spots by Sprint, General Electric, Netflix etc they are well positioned for many years.

Looking at just 17 videos or so and seeing nearly 80 million views is pretty impressive. 

I mean seriously about 5 million views each. You realize AMC’s “Breaking Bad” wrapped its run with an average audience of 9.9 million  the best scores for this series.

AMC also scored with post-show “The Talking Dead,” which drew a series-record 5.1 million viewers  in adults 18-49 and that aired directly after the number 1 show in the country!

THAT is how powerful YouTube has become. Getting the views don;t have to pay the actors no set, costumes directors writers!!! If the youtuber has a god manager let me say they do well!

OK so I ended up using my brain and drive to earn a living online in MANY ways. Fiverr made a killing. Ebook consults you name it I did it.

OH and along the way I would write  little blog about the adventure. If I sold 300 gigs in a week on fiverr I showed you how, If I figured out a method I saw no one using I write about it. That is all and it led to what maybe 280 articles over 2 years.

Now keep in mind many were just about nonsense and barley got 100 views BUT the top 10% or 28 accounting for 800,000 views.

Like How to Get Viral Traffic Using Gplus

Or 10 Easy Ways To Increase Website traffic over 12,000.

You see I started my own social media marketing company off the massive success I was having online offering these services and simply writing about them.

SO I would research and then execute I mean I was getting 200 to 400 orders a week on fiverr ended up with over 16,000 so I learned EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.

This article Top Free SEO Tools For Your Blog 15,000

Then I actually tell people how I made over 100,000 on fiverr 2 different times as you see below!

THERE YOU GO I simply wrote about what was selling to everyone You may see hashtags about Instagram now but

when I wrote it it took off 60,000 views. Now this blog is JMHHACKER

As hard work pays off I then sold a guide on Google Plus the 1st of its kind you see them ALL OVER now but this was THE 1st. I sold at least 2000 copies on fiverr for 14 bucks each it even hit top 25 on AMAZON.

Well I also had a smaller blog The JMHHACKER maybe 75 articles but 150,000 views! 

THAT then led to WP nothing special just importing some blogs changing them up a bit and sure enough a winner is a winner.

So as you can see from Youtube to fiverr to best selling e-books then to starting MSM and OSM and going on to land several corporate clients. 

I am still doing exactly what I did when I started. Mastering my craft staying sharp by writing about it and showing other anything is possible!

Justin Matthew


Own Social Media

Monopolize Social Media
Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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Top 100 Hash Tags for INSTAGRAM Get Popular

Top 100 Hash Tags For Instagram 


This article has been viewed 60,000 times

My Secret to followers

Hi JMHHACKER  is back to crack another social media site for you!

Follow UDEMYBYJMHHACKER on INSTAGRAM for shout outs and more

338 perfect reviews from clients

I average 1100 likes per picture overall, BUT (1800 likes per picture, the last 36, since using these tips) is it because I take the best photos in the world?

It is because I have cracked the code and I am going to share it with you!

Timing is everything they say. Well they were right I have mapped out the ideal times for you to post your photos and on what days.

PAY ATTENTION posting the pic just 1 hour earlier could make a 70 percent or more difference!

108 active orders 7,000 in revenue 100 percent rating Find Out why!

I  do 30 shout outs a day and still average 1129 likes per pic jmhhacker on ig and yes I have gigs for shout outs

BY THE WAY I OFFER more top selling gigs on INSTAGRAM shout outs and followers take a look you may like.

Get you 200 or more real instagram followers and 1000 real likes 



These really work and amazingly, wait until you try it! GO to I use it daily..

Ok great first off take a look at this as a bonus meant to include in the document but easier to read here and has helped MANY clients

Check out my account to see for yourself this was done in 30 days as far as the followers I got! I have the proof with the picture from statigram with likes and followers. I gained 1100 followers a day even now.

To view top hot tags click here


  1. #love

    338,972,685 photos
  2. #instagood
    170,699,701 photos
  3. #me
    152,992,490 photos
  4. #cute
    131,924,794 photos
  5. #follow
    131,111,907 photos
  6. #like
    130,731,777 photos
  7. #photooftheday
    126,202,720 photos
  8. #tbt
    113,892,248 photos
  9. #followme
    110,791,694 photos
  10. #girl
    108,661,406 photos
  11. #tagsforlikes
    106,452,372 photos
  12. #beautiful
    102,849,574 photos
  13. #picoftheday
    97,621,286 photos
  14. #happy
    96,446,367 photos
  15. #instadaily
    89,496,359 photos
  16. #summer
    83,776,583 photos
  17. #igers
    83,402,614 photos
  18. #fun
    77,198,280 photos
  19. #smile
    72,049,610 photos
  20. #food
    67,518,326 photos
  21. #bestoftheday
    67,371,752 photos
  22. #friends
    67,190,897 photos
  23. #swag
    66,648,519 photos
  24. #like4like
    66,644,561 photos
  25. #instalike
    66,297,709 photos
  26. #instamood
    64,144,684 photos
  27. #fashion
    62,814,794 photos
  28. #amazing
    61,651,250 photos
  29. #tflers
    60,357,806 photos
  30. #webstagram
    56,072,822 photos
  31. #selfie
    55,845,137 photos
  32. #style
    55,357,037 photos
  33. #iphoneonly
    55,321,412 photos
  34. #lol
    53,653,084 photos
  35. #all_shots
    52,774,726 photos
  36. #tweegram
    52,571,515 photos
  37. #follow4follow
    51,652,572 photos
  38. #instago
    50,905,185 photos
  39. #pretty
    50,463,608 photos
  40. #l4l
    50,050,576 photos
  41. #nofilter
    47,341,356 photos
  42. #my
    46,943,065 photos
  43. #eyes
    45,852,764 photos
  44. #sun
    45,246,475 photos
  45. #instacool
    45,053,608 photos
  46. #hair
    44,997,329 photos
  47. #life
    44,239,432 photos
  48. #instafollow
    42,639,245 photos
  49. #nice
    42,138,212 photos
  50. #bored
    41,464,695 photos
  51. #family
    41,234,808 photos

  52. #likeforlike
    40,865,095 photos
  53. #cool
    40,258,822 photos
  54. #look
    39,334,271 photos
  55. #funny
    38,187,030 photos
  56. #instacollage
    38,158,240 photos
  57. #20likes
    37,259,114 photos
  58. #iphonesia
    35,965,892 photos
  59. #sky
    35,703,328 photos
  60. #colorful
    35,457,177 photos
  61. #girls
    35,353,322 photos
  62. #hot
    33,883,583 photos
  63. #throwbackthursday
    32,734,176 photos
  64. #pink
    32,405,475 photos
  65. #party
    32,396,212 photos
  66. #shoutout
    31,767,487 photos
  67. #statigram
    31,734,499 photos
  68. #beach
    31,614,221 photos
  69. #night
    31,455,471 photos
  70. #f4f
    30,978,420 photos
  71. #repost
    30,021,312 photos
  72. #harrystyles
    30,000,862 photos
  73. #baby
    29,735,685 photos
  74. #followforfollow
    29,586,594 photos
  75. #photo
    29,571,179 photos
  76. #blue
    29,444,086 photos
  77. #boyfriend
    29,273,736 photos
  78. #instagramhub
    28,919,813 photos
  79. #music
    28,868,377 photos
  80. #throwback
    28,638,828 photos
  81. #nature
    28,594,980 photos
  82. #art
    28,454,954 photos
  83. #makeup
    28,454,946 photos
  84. #wcw
    27,970,545 photos
  85. #day
    27,104,843 photos
  86. #beauty
    27,099,461 photos
  87. #niallhoran
    27,059,550 photos
  88. #loveit
    27,047,544 photos
  89. #instalove
    26,940,206 photos
  90. #followback
    26,906,736 photos
  91. #black
    26,789,192 photos
  92. #awesome
    26,325,097 photos
  93. #picstitch
    25,622,197 photos
  94. #home
    25,469,461 photos
  95. #shoes
    25,437,683 photos
  96. #igdaily
    25,426,893 photos
  97. #i
    25,098,480 photos
  98. #tired
    24,916,673 photos
  99. #dog
    24,769,470 photos
  100. #good
    24,556,300 photos

Here you go, Ok All of this works takes a little time each day 15 to 20 minutes on your side there is no magic bullet but my method is 20 times faster and a higher ratio of people follow back.

Work 20-30 times faster than anyone else’s method… here we go

OK so I set up my account and in 30 days had 35000 followers and 60 days 46,,000. An extra 400 come in daily. Here is how I did it.

 I search for hash tags like friendly, LIKE, ADD, FOLLOW SMILE HAPPY NICE LAUGHING as they seem to have a good outlook on things and follow back more often, I viewed their followers always view someone’s FOLLOWERS not who they are following and always check to make sure they have more followers then they are following.

 What I mean by ratio is if they are following 2000 people see if they have less than 1000 followers. If they do follow their followers.  ie following 2700 but have 1000 followers. Then follow 200 of their followers that is the limit then find another person and do it again. The average nationally is 9 percent follow back while mine is 78 percent quite a difference. 

Let it sit overnight then the next day if you want to unfollow you can I personally do not and my account has blasted off!

  1. #love (+)
    108,457,817 photos
  2. #instagood (+)
    78,367,577 photos
  3. #me (+)
    61,196,934 photos
  4. #tbt (+)
    57,532,719 photos
  5. #cute (+)
    57,433,026 photos
  6. #photooftheday (+)
    56,292,460 photos
  7. #instamood (+)
    51,337,698 photos
  8. #picoftheday (+)
    42,536,616 photos
  9. #iphonesia (+)
    42,354,684 photos
  10. #beautiful (+)
    42,183,579 photos
  11. #igers (+)
    41,876,703 photos
  12. #girl (+)
    41,680,707 photos
  13. #instadaily (+)
    40,054,788 photos
  14. #tweegram (+)
    38,820,844 photos
  15. #summer (+)
    35,941,353 photos
  16. #follow (+)
    33,828,079 photos
  17. #instagramhub (+)
    33,659,020 photos
  18. #happy (+)
    31,475,208 photos
  19. #bestoftheday (+)
    31,415,493 photos
  20. #iphoneonly (+)
    30,973,176 photos
  21. #igdaily (+)
    30,309,244 photos
  22. #picstitch (+)
    28,056,283 photos
  23. #webstagram (+)
    27,832,079 photos
  24. #fashion (+)
    27,649,795 photos
  25. #sky (+)
    27,204,799 photos
  26. #nofilter (+)
    27,044,039 photos
  27. #jj (+)
    26,812,884 photos
  28. #followme (+)
    25,669,603 photos
  29. #fun (+)
    24,516,596 photos
  30. #smile (+)
    23,156,727 photos
  31. #sun (+)
    22,005,368 photos
  32. #pretty (+)
    21,817,598 photos
  33. #food (+)
    20,958,874 photos
  34. #instagramers (+)
    20,893,231 photos
  35. #like (+)
    20,648,502 photos
  36. #friends (+)
    19,999,127 photos
  37. #lol (+)
    18,838,884 photos
  38. #hair (+)
    17,911,527 photos
  39. #nature (+)
    17,227,839 photos
  40. #swag (+)
    17,149,206 photos
  41. #onedirection (+)
    16,791,253 photos
  42. #bored (+)
    16,533,710 photos
  43. #funny (+)
    16,267,017 photos
  44. #life (+)
    16,033,031 photos
  45. #cool (+)
    15,931,652 photos
  46. #blue (+)
    14,923,984 photos
  47. #beach (+)
    14,856,365 photos
  48. #dog (+)
    14,665,709 photos
  49. #art (+)
    14,321,858 photos
  50. #pink (+)
    14,290,050 photos
  51. #my (+)
    14,019,371 photos
  52. #hot (+)
    13,955,213 photos
  53. #family (+)
    13,747,331 photos
  54. #photo (+)
    13,395,713 photos
  55. #sunset (+)
    13,177,280 photos
  56. #versagram (+)
    12,973,672 photos
  57. #instahub (+)
    12,835,539 photos
  58. #amazing (+)
    12,595,724 photos
  59. #girls (+)
    12,511,180 photos
  60. #awesome (+)
    12,224,205 photos
  61. #statigram (+)
    12,165,723 photos
  62. #cat (+)
    12,135,508 photos
  63. #repost (+)
    11,925,869 photos
  64. #throwbackthursday (+)
    11,769,899 photos
  65. #red (+)
    11,732,994 photos
  66. #baby (+)
    11,692,596 photos
  67. #music (+)
    11,605,275 photos
  68. #clouds (+)
    11,503,961 photos
  69. #party (+)
    11,469,005 photos
  70. #black (+)
    11,448,214 photos
  71. #instalove (+)
    11,322,267 photos
  72. #night (+)
    11,062,330 photos
  73. #followback (+)
    10,699,218 photos
  74. #textgram (+)
    10,521,993 photos
  75. #all_shots (+)
    10,249,657 photos
  76. #white (+)
    10,032,382 photos
  77. #yummy (+)
    9,998,611 photos
  78. #igaddict (+)
    9,959,598 photos
  79. #yum (+)
    9,896,891 photos
  80. #likeforlike (+)
    9,879,773 photos
  81. #tagsforlikes (+)
    9,862,877 photos
  82. #bestfriend (+)
    9,860,127 photos
  83. #jj_forum (+)
    9,856,743 photos
  84. #green (+)
    9,761,640 photos
  85. #school (+)
    9,640,270 photos
  86. #eyes (+)
    9,448,068 photos
  87. #sweet (+)
    9,278,605 photos
  88. #style (+)
    9,223,673 photos
  89. #harrystyles (+)
    9,034,301 photos
  90. #instago (+)
    8,994,639 photos
  91. #2012 (+)
    8,900,022 photos
  92. #beauty (+)
    8,774,587 photos
  93. #foodporn (+)
    8,759,546 photos
  94. #i (+)
    8,537,311 photos
  95. #niallhoran (+)
    8,402,073 photos
  96. #ignation (+)
    8,353,781 photos
  97. #boy (+)
    8,322,302 photos
  98. #nice (+)
    8,321,178 photos
  99. #like4like (+)
    8,294,197 photos
  100. #instacollage (+)
    8,114,982 photos

Just an average photo of likes in 20 minutes


These four apps will enhance your Instagram experience, from helping you to find specific photos to making your own photos more creative, so prepare to spend even more time on Instagram!


Instamap, a fun app for iPad and iPhone for use with Instagram, allows you to browse through Instagram pictures by location, tag or user. No matter what part of the world or which tag other users choose, you can see the corresponding photos as they’re posted. Photos can be viewed in tile view or as pins on a map.

Don’t miss these other great iPhone camera apps >>

100 Cameras in 1

While Instagram included some great filters, not all of them appeal to every user and even the ones we do love can get stale over time. 100 Cameras in 1 offers 100 effects that can be mixed and matched. Simply take a photo, edit it in 100 Cameras in 1 and then export it right into Instagram or share with others via Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, email or 



If you’ve ever wanted to add your own words to your 

Instagram photos, you’ll love Labelbox, an easy-to-use photo labeling app that offers beautiful tapes that stylishly labels your photos. Simply select one of the 11 free labels, swipe and add your text. If you love those labels and want to experiment with even more, you can buy 12 more within the app.

Once you’ve created your final product, simply save and import to Instagram. Labelbox also allows you to post directly to popular social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Price: Free


Wordfoto  allows you to choose your own words to turn your photos into unique word-based art. This app offers eight easy-to-use presets and also includes a wide variety of customization features. You can play with colors, fonts and shadows to create your own work of art. Once you’re done, you can easily upload your saved photo to Instagram and other social sharing sites.


I researched applications available for Android that can help you enhance and improve your photographs. Here are a few apps for simple and quick image editing to get you started!

Photo Editing

For basic image editing, Adobe Photoshop Express is a great application! It gives you the ability to alter exposure, saturation, tint, contrast & brightness quickly for simple image edits.

Combining Multiple Photos

Everyone loves combining multiple photos into one! A simple and easy to use application, Diptic, allows you to combine up to four images into one single frame. Be sure to check out this Photo Tips blog on combining images for some great tips!

Content-Aware Retouching

Have you ever captured the perfect shot right when someone starts to walks through the frame? Or maybe you want to remove those unsightly wall plugs & switches in order to redirect focus to the decor. While happy accidents can create beautiful “right place, right time” photographs, the TouchRetouch application can help remove unwanted content from photos!

Now back to getting followers again

STAY AWAY from following people that have 1000 or  5000 followers but only follow back 100 or 200 they will not follow you back

You will have a very high chance they follow back IF YOU LIKE ONE OR 2 OF THEIR PICS THEM FOLLOW THEM YOU WILL GET LIKES AND FOLLOWERS I DO IT EVERY DAY and I get a ton of IG action…stay away from the big fish people with over 5000 followers their followers are not as likely to follow back until you yourself are a big fish HA funny how that works… Also to triple your chance they follow back like one of their pics. 

Remember in a few days you can just unfollow everyone but you will still have your followers.

VERY IMPORTANT to set a daily minute schedule whatever the case do it daily or until you hit your personal goal. So for 20 minutes a day do this and in 1 month you will have thousands of followers YES I have confirmed this with over 100 people

The method I am telling you to do speeds this up times 20-30 trust me.

I simply followed them one at a time as many as I could each day I set a time every morning at 6 am to 615am. I did this every day for 15 minutes a day and the followers started coming in. In fact they come in to this day. Remember IG set a new rate limit when you hit that limit go from following people to just liking peoples photos until the rate limit is lifted 5 minutes or so then start following again.

I hit the popular page with my own  account 3 times which is great have photos with 4400 3800 and 3400 likes and over 200 comments each.

ALWAYS Share your photos on other social networks. These include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, and Posterous. If you don’t have accounts for those social networks, start one up today.

I tend to share every photo on every possible network. For instance, I post daily deals solely on Twitter I share a on Twitter to push that fact we’re on Instagram.

Link to your web.stagram somewhere from your website. 

Most of us strongly push Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but if you’re serious about Instagram, then link to it as well…especially from your mobile website. You can Pin gplus tweet and many other features!

Be sure to blog that you are participating on Instagram. Also think about using Instagram photos on your blog occasionally and link to your profile or Instagram itself.

Follow “Suggested Users” by clicking “@(YourAccountName)” tab and selecting “Find Friends” then ”Suggested Users”. Following users that have similar interests as you may encourage them to follow you in return. 

Just following everybody will gain minimal followers.

Make sure “Photos are private option” is off. It should be by default. This is a no-brainer. Obviously if you wish to gain followers, your photos should not be private.

Invite friends. This is a no-brainer too. Invite your friends, customers and followers of other social networks. You can do this through Instagram.

These are the people most likely willing to follow you or your business. We now invite a handful of customers each day. I have 1400 FB friends 700 have instagram you can connect your FB and follow all your FB friends in 1 second they will follow back

Only post your best pics. Quality is better than quantity. Try to make each picture interesting, engaging, mysterious, and colorful, with unique angles or just plain funny

Thoroughly describe your images. You can comment on each picture so put some time into the writing.

I used nature flowers beautiful color blue and this got 1485 likes in 15 minutes

Use hash tags, especially popular ones. Popular tags include #sky, #cat, #dog, #flower and #sunset. Tagging your photos with these hash tags, when appropriate, can increase the odds of your images being seen by others.

Copy hash tags from “Notes” app. After you’ve used Instagram for a while, you’ll notice specific hash tags you’re commonly using. Keep them stored in “Notes” so you only have to copy/paste into Instagram.

You can add the most popular or effective hash tags to the list so you don’t forget to use them. Be sure to only use hash tags appropriate for the photo being shared. This is an important step in helping you remember to use effective hash tags for each post. Hash tags will attract likes and follower’s if your posts/photos are worthy.

Engage by following others and commenting/liking. By engaging with others, you will likely attract some followers, especially if your photos are interesting. Commenting on a persistent basis will help tremendously in attaining followers. Commenting on popular photos works very well, but be authentic with your comments and not advertorial.

Geotagging is important like hash tags, geotagging  provides another data point that can be used to categorize and display content. On Instagram, each defined location has its own page, which includes a map of the location and any photos taken there.

Announce your profile in an email blast to current friends followers etc letting them know you’re now on the photo sharing app.

Add Instagram to your website too. Don’t just emails blast the fact that you’re on Instagram. Be sure to add Instagram on your website somewhere like you might do with Facebook and Twitter. If you have other social network icons floating around your company website, add Instagram too.

Update: The following are more tips I’ve added after using Instagram for a while.


 Keep up with Instagram’s blog and participate with the numerous photo contests. 

One person to follow in particular is Instagram team member, Jessica Zollman ( @jayzombie) who holds a contest every weekend where everyone tries to snap a photo concerning a specific hash tag. 

Participating in the contest each week will gain you popularity and a few new friends.

Don’t be afraid to comment on popular photos by celebrities, but be genuine with what you say. If you have nothing to really say, then don’t.

Use “likes” a bunch! People will return the favor and possibly start following you. You can use “like” liberally, but don’t get TOO crazy with it or people may actually stop following you. Instagrammers appreciate when you “like” their photos and generally return the love.

Only follow those you care about or enjoy. I promise that you will enjoy Instagram more this way, and you’re more likely to continue participating and building your own circle of friends if you’re having fun.

Sign up with to make it even easier for people to find and follow you. This service offers an easy way for people to follow you outside of the actual Instagram app.

Use Instagram analytics services like to help put things in perspective with all kinds of historical data concerning your account. shows which of your photos have received the most “likes” over time, and which ones received the most comments. Try to look for consistent trends in your most popular images and try to capitalize on those strengths moving forward. Plain and simple: This service gives amazing insight and understanding of your Instagram account.

Be humorous with your comments. Everyone appreciates a good laugh and if you’re consistent, it will lead to more followers.

Offer tips and advice. I started sharing mine in comments- which lead to more likes and eventually will lead to more followers.

Thank people. At the end of the day, be sure to send thanks to everyone who commented on one of your photos. For instance, you would type something like: @jmhhacker  thanks for your comments! This is not only considerate but also represents social at its finest.

 Be genuine. Instagram is my favorite social network right now so I ask everyone to be genuine, have fun and snap away!


Another way to gain more followers on Instagram is to hold a photo contest. Give away an SHOUTOUT movie tickets or something and require contest participants to follow you to qualify. You may have to do some legwork to market the contest, but it’ll be worth your time. I gain a TON of action from doing this and you grow even bigger

Before hosting photo contests, you may want to participate in them first.

Also THE KEY Use Hash tags that is a key on your own photos,Tagging your photos makes them easily found. Picture of the sun use very popular hash tag #sun, that photo will show up alongside thousands of others on the page for that tag.

Webstagram provides the top 100 tags. Make sure you use them!! The most popular hash tag on Instagram currently is #tweegram #iphoneography, Other popular tags include #sky, #cat, #dog, #flower and #sunset. Tagging triples the odds of your images being seen by others and followed


To get the most new followers on Instagram is following those that have a good ratio like I said they follow 3300 but have 1400 followers then follow 200 of their followers. DO not try to follow someone’s that has 3000 followers and follows 300 Once you have built up a large following feel free to go for bigger accounts. 

It will call the others attention to your profile they’ll likely follow it. If you set a daily 10-15 min period of time to  follow the type of person I described you will get a 20 times higher chance of a follow back speeding up the process for you immensely

REMEMBER only follow people on the followers list of someone’s account. Once you have your own followers click one pull up their followers and click away you will find people stick in groups and will follow you back..

Another tip go to the popular page and follow the people that are liking or commented on the popular photos that means they are online right that second and will see you follow or like their pic. Thye will most likely follow back they do for me!


Like and Comment on Other Photos ya it is easy to say but most of us do not do it. Try it out be amazed at the results

One of the easiest ways to grab tons of followers is to “like” a ton of the photos whether they are in your existing feed or outside your network.

If you have a compliment or comment to make, take a sec and do it, taking the few seconds it requires to comment on another user’s photo can drive new viewers to your profile. I did all this and got 35000 30 days you must put

aside a time each day to do this like 5 to 515 for example and do it until your number of

followers are attained it won’t take long I can tell you that as I have done it for myself and 9


People will follow you back they just will. Have a few photos taking obviously on your profile and you will be good to go.

Have you used

it is incredible!!!

Simply put in any word hit enter and all photos with that tag word on instagram pop up. I do mean any word at all, cat, girl, klout, even baseball card type it in and bam pictures pop up for that word.

Hash gram is the best way to discover and share what’s happening on Instagram.


Formed in 2011 at designed a simple web-based “no app required” search and share utility for Instagram. Since then, Hash gram has grown into a real-time discovery platform used every day by people all over the world.

Hash gram respectfully complies with the Instagram API Terms of Use.

The #tag

Tags are descriptive metadata assigned and associated with each image posted to Instagram. Adding a few content specific hash tags to your caption allows users to search and share images on Hash gram based on their interests.


So really to be frank if you simply go to anyone’s followers not someone to big, once again, but I prefer good ratios and just follow them watch as people start following you back as they do go to that persons followers and continue do this process until you are satisfied…you can also UNFOLLOW people later one if you wish on webstagram or gramfeed if you want a great ratio…

So 2-4 hours total time put in whether in a day or 10 minutes a day for 30 days  will get you thousands of followers go longer you can hit 100,000 or more all up to you now. I am here if you have any questions the key is to have fun doing it as the new likes on your photos are coming in as non-stop followers are coming in when you see one of your photos get nearly 5000 likes it really is awesome!

To unfollow once you have followed many a quick and easy way is IGExorcist, a free service that allows you to determine followers who have not been engaged with you in recent times.

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Make sure “Photos are private option” is off. Sign up with helps people find you…there you go that should get you running for now! Need anything from me later on just ask me, take care appreciate feedback and a thumbs up!

Need anything message me, but i did this and it works like a charm remember only follow peoples

followers and sometimes people that look like they shouldn’t have any followers then start doing

it with your own I still had 8 followers come in today! 

Months later! Appreciate good feedback. I wrote this from my exact experience no PDF e book or nonsense like that; this is my experience and the results I got for me and for my friends. 

Now you can get those results.

Special Bonus

How to get on Instagram’s suggested Users List

When you sign up there is a Suggested Users, IG users who the Instagram Team suggests you follow. Instagram launched the Suggested Users List last This feature is similar to the Twitter tool .

If you are on it you are set!). Being on The Suggested Users list means your follower numbers will suddenly surge and keep on rising by the hour.

You find the Suggested Users List, through your Profile, then Find Friends. The Suggested Users List is also presented to all new users when registering for Instagram

Here is what instagram looks for to make the list quoted from instagram themselves!

– A Suggested User posts beautiful, original content and brings a unique perspective to Instagram.

– Instagram is a photo-sharing community. In promoting 

Suggested Users, Instagram seeks to highlight members of the community with exemplary content and conduct in line with its Community Guidelines.

– Instagram is always looking for new and exciting content to surface. To present new users with a curated set of talented users, they continually review, add and remove users from the list The list will be designed to be refresh in an ongoing way rather than stand as today’s permanent suggested users list.

– Suggested Users act as community ambassadors, and help cultivate the larger Instagram community.

– Be careful. Instagram is a powerful tool for brands and businesses. They “welcome” collaborations between brands and users, but do not include users on the list whose photos could cause confusion over Instagram’s involvement in paid partnerships or brand endorsements*

People in the list should not use their streams for “business” if they want to remain in the list. You can read Suggested 

User Guidelines in Instagram Official Help Center here:

Some tips.

In the last few months I’ve heard a lot of different stories some other people got it after sending a mail to Instagram Team (explaining their “credentials” and proof of involvement within the app). Some applied directly through mail and asked to be part of Suggested Users Lists. 

Being active in Instagram communities’ development or leading yourself a cool project around Instagram can be a strong asset.

This is all my knowledge about the subject on Suggested Users List  GL.

OK so below I have the best times and on what day to post your photo. Keep in mind these times are Eastern timezone USA.

MONDAY  6 30 am 10 am 11am 6pm

TUESDAY 6am 8am 4pm

WED         10 30am 12pm 30 6pm 10pm

THURS     5 am 6 am 10 am 1 pm 1030 pm

FRI           10 am 12 pm (1pm BEST TIME)

SAT          6 am 2 pm

SUN         NOON 5am

SO IT IS CRITICAL to use hash tags on every photo which gives the photo a better shot at being liked and commented on by people that do not follow you. Here are the best of the best.

The top spot still is tweegram followed by love instagood iphonesia  photooftheday instamood igers me cute iphoneonly instagramhub you can read on from there!

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Instagram’s main priority has been building a great experience on its iPhone app and Android — not on the web. 

But the photo-sharing service has become a huge web destination anyway: Instagram’s website is currently receiving 38 million page views each day, adding up to 500 million page views per month. 

They’re especially interesting given that the Instagram experience is so tailored to users of the app , not viewers on the web. For example: If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can only look at individual Instagram photos people link to — you can’t click around on the site to see users’ full photo galleries or other personal profiles. 

And it’s very possible that Instagram still has a lot of growth ahead. On Friday, the company launched the ability for people to share full-sized Instagram photos within Facebook and create Facebook albums of Instagram photos.

Meanwhile, the debut of Instagram for Android lead to a another big user growth spike for the service.


These are the previous top 100 tags

Snap a picture choose a filter and Bam that is Instagram. You can also label it with hashtags that fit the picture so people can look up what they want with those tags. Here are the top 100 in  order.

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Get in Now use these tags!

100 TAGS

  1.  #instagram
    3,578,071 photos
  2.  #iphoneography
    3,309,636 photos
  3.  #iphonesia
    2,755,090 photos
  4.  #photooftheday
    2,218,293 photos
  5.  #iphone
    2,101,814 photos
  6.  #iphoneonly
    1,922,760 photos
  7.  #jj
    1,839,235 photos
  8.  #instagood
    1,823,146 photos
  9.  #iphone4
    1,820,464 photos
  10.  #ig
    1,642,313 photos

  11.  #sky
    1,636,673 photos

  12.  #igers
    1,403,424 photos

  13.  #love
    1,246,138 photos

  14.  #instagramhub
    1,201,737 photos

  15.  #popular
    1,022,493 photos

  16.  #instamood
    1,018,916 photos

  17.  #cat
    941,017 photos

  18.  #bestoftheday
    918,634 photos

  19.  #dog
    883,016 photos

  20.  #sunset
    859,636 photos

  21.  #cute
    852,185 photos

  22.  #clouds
    820,037 photos

  23.  #tweegram
    800,767 photos

  24.  #picoftheday
    794,187 photos

  25.  #photography
    775,750 photos

  26.  #igdaily
    761,868 photos

  27.  #nature
    761,440 photos

  28.  #food
    727,260 photos

  29.  #jj_forum
    716,248 photos

  30.  #webstagram
    709,250 photos

  31.  #10likes
    697,911 photos

  32.  #nofilter
    680,141 photos

  33.  #instadaily
    675,697 photos

  34.  #me
    673,155 photos

  35.  #girl
    663,613 photos

  36.  #sun
    624,503 photos

  37.  #christmas
    608,481 photos

  38.  #20likes
    606,958 photos

  39.  #beach
    601,995 photos

  40.  #flower
    588,580 photos

  41.  #instagramers
    563,389 photos

  42.  #tree
    541,384 photos

  43.  #blue
    510,996 photos

  44.  #statigram
    508,937 photos

  45.  #blackandwhite
    506,003 photos

  46.  #art
    504,434 photos

  47.  #beautiful
    496,577 photos

  48.  #ignation
    452,534 photos

  49.  #popularpage
    437,297 photos

  50.  #instago
    433,369 photos


  51.  #summer
    423,064 photos
  52.  #photo
    422,985 photos
  53.  #water
    407,773 photos
  54.  #30likes
    403,591 photos
  55.  #bw
    397,928 photos
  56.  #trees
    396,107 photos
  57.  #earlybird
    394,232 photos
  58.  #red
    393,178 photos
  59.  #igersmanila
    386,724 photos
  60.  #green
    378,428 photos
  61.  #teg
    375,945 photos
  62.  #light
    371,917 photos
  63.  #streetphotography
    357,061 photos
  64.  #gang_family
    348,693 photos
  65.  #nyc
    348,616 photos
  66.  #iphonography
    344,708 photos
  67.  #iphonegraphy
    341,530 photos
  68.  #baby
    326,806 photos
  69.  #flowers
    322,081 photos
  70.  #fashion
    321,506 photos
  71.  #happy
    317,306 photos
  72.  #sea
    311,961 photos
  73.  #iphonephotography
    304,695 photos
  74.  #night
    304,377 photos
  75.  #petstagram
    304,299 photos
  76.  #pink
    302,255 photos
  77.  #street
    301,435 photos
  78.  #music
    294,393 photos
  79.  #pretty
    289,584 photos
  80.  #japan
    287,651 photos
  81.  #iphone4s
    281,321 photos
  82.  #15likes
    280,179 photos
  83.  #smile
    279,986 photos
  84.  #50likes
    279,138 photos
  85.  #igaddict
    273,681 photos
  86.  #cloud
    273,443 photos
  87.  #architecture
    268,908 photos
  88.  #fun
    266,608 photos
  89.  #40likes
    265,060 photos
  90.  #white
    261,575 photos
  91.  #hdr
    255,234 photos
  92.  #friends
    253,702 photos
  93.  #foodporn
    250,749 photos
  94.  #puppy
    249,693 photos
  95.  #color
    248,044 photos
  96.  #black
    246,761 photos
  97.  #funny
    244,117 photos
  98.  #hipstamatic
    241,962 photos
  99.  #winter
    241,211 photos
  100.  #gmy
    240,326 photos
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    Hi I am Chris Cota I am living proof that Justin Matthew can make you money. About 2 years ago I met him via Google Plus and ever since then my bank account has grown tremendously. It all started when I helped him on his Fiverr account.
    We then decided to convert my Fiverr account to a team partnership, I averaged about 10 orders a month and then when Justin stepped in and we teamed up to collaborate on orders they shot up to 100 a month and it keeps growing to this day.
    To take it a step further we created Monopolize Social Media because we observed several so called Social Media Companies that claimed to manage client accounts but what they do not do is grow the social accounts follower fan base.

    We have managed several clients from all industries, retail to the mom and pop. We have even had clients physically ring the Nasdaq Bell.
    What we did is change the game, we made our own methods in the terms of Social Media Management and promotion.
    (More content being written follow this profile and stay tuned.)
    Follow the course here FREE

    Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
    We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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    The Great Business Project Podcast

    002 : The Vacation Show : Social Media Expert  Interview here


    Interview here

    41 minutes

    This episode of The Great Business Project Podcast was recorded on location from my family vacation in Siesta Key, Florida.  My office and studio for the week has been a beachfront villa where I’ve had the chance to relax and reflect, together with my family.

    I actually recorded the show while sitting on the beach! 😉 Here is what’s featured in this episode: Why vacation?  I say we start having “Lifecations”! An update on what’s next for The Great Business Project Magazine and our amazing achievement thanks to YOU!

    An exercise for an unlimited supply of creativity.  (This is the very thing I do every single morning that helps me stay creative) I introduce the concept of using infoproducts to add to your revenue stream. AWESOME resource for entrepreneurs –

    Interview here

    AppSumo A can’t miss interview with Justin Matthew, social media expert and game changer.  In just 6 months, Justin went from not knowing what Facebook and Twitter was to having a massive amount of influence, tens of thousands of followers and an impressive business, all from social media.  You’ll want to take notes on this one… Bonus tip:  Calls to action Things and links mentioned in this podcast episode:

    The Great Business Project Magazine The Artist’s Way (Book I reference on creativity) AppSumo Justin Matthew:  Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | I want to thank you for listening to The Great Business Project Podcast. If you enjoyed listening to the show and found it useful, please take a few minutes to rate the show on iTunes and leave a quick review.

    This will help us spread our message to entrepreneurs all over the world.  You can also help us spread the word by sharing this podcast with your friends.  Please use the Twitter, Facebook or Google+ buttons below.

    Also, make sure you don’t miss one single episode.  Subscribe for FREE  to our show by clicking either of the following links: If you’d like to leave us a comment, suggest a topic or ask a question you can use the comments box below or you can leave me a voice message here.  Chat soon!

    Interview here

    Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
    We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references.
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    Everyone is an expert!

    We love to surround ourselves with people who have similar thoughts  and to be quite honest don’t put us to sleep right?  I got into social media 4 years ago when it was just fun and a hobby maybe win a perk from KLOUT remember that!!

    WOW 1.3 million SEO experts…

    NOW I hear 100 different ideas from 100 people now this is not a negative but I have found in MOST cases they are just plain wrong. I am AMAZED at just how many people follow the crowd or a business owner forking over 45k to a guy that honestly should be helping my 5 year old on her ipad.

    I love social media and how it connects us to the world around us. Thanks to Youtube, FB, Twitter, Instagram etc I have been able to build a good life for myself. Was it easy??? Only if you consider pushing yourself to the limit every day 16 hrs a day.

    I have found old friends and built strong relationships with new friends and forged relationships that meant NOTHING. I have also found myself talking about social media for close to 6 years. Early on none of us even spoke about a viral hit, or how to get reach. I still remember when I would gain 30 followers in a day and be so excited until I learned that most people did this artificially!

    The discussion was not about how a business would sell everything via social media. It was how social media would connect people, build relationships etc

    So what has happened since that time? I see people PROMISING amazing results in social media. They can  build millions of fans. Tools promising amazing reach for your content,and how this will make you go VIRAL!

    Another 120,000 social media experts here…

    I kid you not I get 400 emails promising me MASSIVE social media success if I just hired them! Now and again I actually call just to see if they know what I do for a living. Some say yes and I say where are you? They say at work…I say EXACTLY and hangup. Or I will sit and listen to the amazing success these tools and firms have brought to their clients which are know are not possible. That is the one thing that turns me off the people that really need GOOD social media help end up buying from those people and that isn’t right. So that is why I fight on and put on my gloves everyday because it is a WAR not a game.

    So now companies are told they must listen in social media.  So now they listen in social because they have to listen. Let’s say company A sells flowers and so does company B 2 miles away. Company A sacrifices 5,000 a month for the whole 9 yards of social media. The 1st month no real difference other then A has spent 5,000 dollars but during week 6 all of a sudden a group of 5 then 10 so on and so forth flow in the store.

    WHY??? His social media “expert” had been building up locals interested in botany over the prior 6 weeks and decided that day to have a 10% off sale (everything was always 10% off anyway) So company A had a record sales day just like that and served 40 new customers. Now can the social media person control if the customers liked the product? No but he did his job.

    Sad fact reality is most brands are listening to mentions of their brand to simply head off the next crisis.

    At the end of the day social media is  highlighting your brand for what it is. In fact I have read and heard many times the more succesful you are for a small business the more it brings out the problems of the company. So actually it brings to light many other issues.

    In today’s small medium even upper echelon business social media has now become required some companies get the standard cookie cutter “social media expert” others dig deeper for that special something.  I personally have had a success every time I have tried social media whether for myself or others because I give it EVERYTHING I have so yes it does indeed work..

    It is time to face the reality of social media.It is here It is real so just accept it and find the best person you can!

    Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
    We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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    Coffee..Tastes good and can make you Money.

    Coffee..Tastes good and can make you Money.

    So from 19 to 27 years old I was a stock broker and a damn good one…ya 300to500k a year good. I eventually saw it for what it was during the crash and walked away. I jumped in the youtube game went viral did well.

    My personal site you will get one also. JUST LOOK AT IT people are making 5 million a year.  


    My Site

    That led me to 4 more years of success on the internet even today better then ever

    I tried every hot idea that came my way to BUT the one that hit my inbox 10 days ago at least got me thinking was organo coffee  In today’s world, we’re all looking for a good way to make money. We want to be our own boss. But it can be so hard to find the right opportunity.

    Now what if I told you that this business can make all those worries go away? We all know that there are some recession proof industries. Well this is one of them the Organo Gold compensation plan, you can succeed in your own business, and build up healthy residual income.

    How Easy is it to Make Money With the Organo Gold Compensation Plan?

    You will be a distributor, you are selling products that people want all types of coffees etc and they will will keep coming back for more, because they use your product every day.

    YOU have about 10 ways to make money The first is by simply selling coffee and tea products. I’ve already told you that these products are healthy, and they also taste good.

    You can also earn a great residual income with the compensation plan  by getting other people to become distributors.  I did that last week targeted instagram and pinterest and made a cple k that fast couldn’t believe it. There’s plenty of room for more distributors – remember: thousands of people are drinking coffee every day. That is how I got in for 78 bucks or so I even got my own website.

    You are offering a coffee that is good for you, and that’s something that is very easy to sell. And once you start working with a team of coffee distributors, the sky is the limit, because there are so many different ways that you get paid.

    How Do I Start Making Money as an Organo Gold Coffee Distributor?

    Becoming an  distributor has a very low start up cost. You’ll receive a basic package with everything you need to start making money. Their proven methods of generating sales, you’ll be earning in no time.

    And with wholesale prices for your own coffee, you can enjoy the great taste and health improvements  for yourself. Sign up right here as low as 49 bucks literally a steal and you will be on my team if you need ideas.


    Oh for those of you that use instagram, pinterest gplus tumblr etc talk about a GOLD MINE. As I said my buddy is making more money now then in his entire life. You can look all this up. Keep in mind you will come across some haters out there as always.

    The Organo Gold Home Business Model

    I’m building a business that will make me independently wealthy, and provide me with a long-term residual income. I already have a team of 5 and by Fri probably 20 off on their own making 2 to 10k a week.

    You see, Organo Gold home business network marketing allows me to build my business at my own pace, and it gives me so many ways to earn money. As an entrepreneur, I’ve found the home business model to be one of the most simple ways to earn money that I’ve found. Plus, it allows me to enjoy a high quality coffee that I consider simply the best beverage in the world.

    Ganoderma Health With Organo Gold Coffee

    The infusion of 100%  organic Ganoderma Lucidum into Organo Gold coffee was a stroke of genius on the part of the OG founders. This incredible medicinal herb from the East has such marvelous healing and health-boosting properties. It improves the circulation, detoxifies the system, helps you to keep your weight under control, and has multiple other amazing properties.

    I am not one to try anything easily but when I saw Justin G putting in the numbers he was and all on foot not at all on the computer I couldn’t believe it researched it read everything there was to read and now I can sat thx fo that deposit yesterday!

    HERE come and join my team today SIGN UP HERE if not you will be doing the same old thing GET OVER IT mix it up I am.

    Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
    We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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    HEADS UP!!! Many of you know I have done very well online working hard the last 3 years. I also know I wasn’t shy about it.

    That being said after study for the past 6 months in this project I have found something for ALL of us. Oh I do mean ALL of us.

    So hang with me give me a few days and we will literally make money together. NOW it is important you believe that WHY NOT YOU! i AM SICK OF EXCUS ES there are none.

    You are a WINNER or a failure. Let’s all win on this ok.!

    Now if you do well you get to lease a Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, or Lamborghini. YES that is right.


    • • Be an Active BLANK in good standing with BLANK
    • • Achieve the pay rank of top 90% (2) consecutive months.

    Volume Requirement

    For each month that you achieve the pay rank, you are entitled to receive the bonus payment for the corresponding pay rank.

    Qualified members will receive their bonus based on the following:

    YES FOLKS THIS IS REAL I assume when I launch for me you will want to start do me a favor I get 300 emails I WANT TO get us all in asap so send me 1 comment on this post I will get it done.

    $400 per month*
    $600 per month*
    $800 per month*
    $1000 per month*
    $1000 per month*
    $3000 per month**
    $5000 per month***

    *for the purchase or lease of a black Mercedes Benz

    Contact on the FB post  I will be 24 hrs max

    Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
    We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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    Social Media Tips For 2014

    Social Media Tips For 2014

    Well 2 years ago if I had to choose an industry to get involved with social media was it!

    American Dream Corvette

    Last year over 500 million tweets were sent every day, 350 million photos uploaded by Facebook users every month, it’s a FACT social media will continue to fly.

    If you are a company and don’t have a social media firm looking out for you better get that GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SIGN handy.

    These are the best lessons I learned in 2013

    Invest In Your Personal Brand Online 

    Twitter exposure over 22 million in 3 days

    One thing I have never been afraid to do from the second I turned on a computer.

    Social media is one of the most important tools for building a personal and professional brand online.

    97% of all recruiters use LinkedIn as a part of their recruiting efforts and a few companies have even started using online data to determine credit-worthiness.

    In fact I was approached 4 times last year for a 80k salary up to 135k but personally I would rather make more than that on my own.

    These are the top 4 I came up with based on my massive success

    Made over 100,000 on

    Become A Content Sharing Pro 

    Top influencers have a common trait: we create and share a in your face content strategy that helps us build awareness,  credibility, improve site traffic, and even boost SEO.

    To build an engaged audience, try incorporating these three tips into your content strategy.

    Multiple blog articles ranking 1 on google and getting 50,000 or more views

    Showcase Your Influence Offline

    After you’ve created a plan for your online brand, time to showcase your expertise and influence offline.

    Public speaking is one of the most vital skills to take your offline influence to the next level.


    Not even just that but become a champion off the computer perhaps tennis or target shooting show that you are multidimensional I wont the Orlando tennis championship 5 times..Like I said not a shy guy.

    Take Your Social Presence To The Next Level

    Twitter is one of the best platforms for real-time conversations. Twitter set a new record in 2013 for tweets-per-second with 143,199 tweets sent per second by users.

    Average month of 20,000

    Every second thousands of conversations are happening if you’ve ever wondered how certain influencers stand out more than others and have thousands of engaged followers, it comes down to consistency and finding balance.

    So 2014 for me personally will be another record year financially  on the courts and has a father. I love life.

    If you would like to learn more I will be putting on a class to do just that. MY CLASS 200 pre-booked

    Now one thing I can tell you is I have seen so many talented people come and go and come and go over and over talent isn’t enough it takes work ethic a lot of it 16 to 18 hr days if need be. So if you think you are to good for that safe your time.

    You see because someone like me who does have the talent will also put in the 120 hr week.

    Good Luck!

    Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
    We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]
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