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How YOU get Facebook Traffic To Your Page


How YOU get Facebook Traffic To Your Page OK I am asked about 20 times a day to like a new FB page as I am sure you are. I will like all pages posted here as will everyone in this chain START with IBoom once you have liked it post your page here!Simply add […]

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How To Get Facebook Reactions

                         How To Get Facebook Reactions OK  you just can’t think of anything funny to say on Facebook!This is on the house! Fancy seeing the ‘LIKES’ of you here. Fancy indeed.  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)    I want to do more ______ (Fill in the blankety-blank!)  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)    Flip flops or sneakers?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)    We […]

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How Facebook’s Graph Search Emphasizes Engagement


How Facebook’s Graph Search Emphasizes Engagement Facebook’s Graph Search has been available to a limited number of users since January of this year. If you aren’t familiar with it, essentially it’s Facebook’s way of interpreting user submitted natural language search queries, and then spitting out the most relevant results based on the search.  It can […]

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