How To Get Facebook Reactions

                         How To Get Facebook Reactions

OK  you just can’t think of anything funny to say on Facebook!
This is on the house!

Fancy seeing the ‘LIKES’ of you here. Fancy indeed.  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

I want to do more ______ (Fill in the blankety-blank!)  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Flip flops or sneakers?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

We love those songs you can listen to a million times ? what’s the greatest song of all time?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   
“On a Friday night: restaurant, nightclub, movies, or couch potato night?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)”   

Click LIKE if you push the elevator button more than once. Does it work?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

“Sometimes I Just Want To Copy Someone Else’s Status, Word For Word, And See If They Notice.  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)”   
Click LIKE if you?ve ever laughed so hard you snorted.  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Which Facebook friends would you NOT invite over for dinner?  Tag ’em!  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Click LIKE if you hate when you’re watching a show on DVR and realize you’re mostly through a commercial break but forgot to fast forward.  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Fill in the blank. This year I am crossing ______ off my bucket list  (** Click SHARE!**)   

LIKE this if you’re counting down to the weekend?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Love Facebook!? where else can you talk to a wall — and it talks back! 🙂  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Today is so ______ because I have ______! (fill in those blanks!) (** Click SHARE!**)   

“If Facebook were an infectious disease, most of the world would be infected. Good thing Facebook infection doesn’t result in Zombies? (Or does it!  LOL! Click SHARE!**)”   

Paper or plastic?   
“TXTers… “”LIKE”” this if you “”HATE”” auto-correct! ARGH!  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)”   

TV on or off at dinner? (And does it depend on who’s show is on?)  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   
“Q: (Fill in the blank) Before the internet, life was ________.  (**This one will be interesting! LOL – Click SHARE!**)”   

Which came first: The chicken or the egg (sandwich)?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   
Don?t nickname your dog ?Curiousity? unless you?re sure the neighbors aren?t missing any cats.  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Click LIKE if you like opposable thumbs.  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   
Which have more personality – Cats or Dogs? (Click SHARE)   

Carrot or stick? (and does it depend on who’s getting it?)  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Peanut butter: smooth or chunky?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

“Did you know? Its impossible to say “”Good Eye Might”” without sounding Australian? Click LIKE if you just tried 🙂 (SHARE this one!)”   

“Q: If you could trade places with one person for the rest of today, who would it be? (don?t say your boss.)  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)”   

One thing my dog and I have in common is that neither of us wants me to go to work.  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Click LIKE if you think it’s creepy for someone to hold the door open for you when you’re more than 

50 feet away. #dontfeellikerunning  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

Let’s see how quickly we can get to 10 likes.  Ready? set?  (**LOL! Click LIKE!**)   

Q: What is your quirkiest habit?  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

“Q: If you could be the parent of one person in history, who would it be? LOL! Click SHARE!”   

Click LIKE if you’ve ever climbed a tree. LOL! Click SHARE!   

Click LIKE if you had a nickname for your teenage crushes. 🙂 LOL! Click SHARE!   

Hit LIKE if you’re feeling LAZY today?  (Don’t be lazy – Click SHARE. LOL!)   

Click LIKE if you hate it when you plan a conversation in your head but the other person doesn?t follow the script. (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)   

“What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents did to you, growing up? 🙂  (**LOL! Click SHARE!**)”   

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