Empire Ave 10 to130 in 10 days Millionaire in 8

HI my name is Justin Matthew or JMHHACKER. I first used Social Media 14 months ago when I helped consult with hoseholdhacker a you tube channel. Since then I opened a Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and Klout etc.

Before I go on VIEW these 37 photos https://www.flickr.com/groups/massivetraffic/ will take 3 minutes it is quite ASTOUNDING and if you want to learn my secrets to every social media site I touch also read this KRED INFLUENCER OF THE MONTH https://blog.kred.com/2012/05/kred-influencers-justin-matthew/
 I will tell you right here. .

Recommended! #2Up until 14 days ago I was completely unaware of Empire Avenue. Amazingly enough, I did very well on my own prior 71,000 followers on Twitter, 10,300 on google plus with a 836 ranking in the USA, a few Facebook fan pages that did very well over 5,000 fans, Pinterest over 9,000 followers and Instagram 12,000 followers even my klout score at 70 not to mention I won an interview with the CEO and am currently ranked 5 in the world on the topic.

On google plus with out knowing much I came up with my own strategy and over 10,000 followers later and hitting the whats hot page over 100 times and having over 30,000 plus 1;s 30,000 shares and 30,000 comments I feel anyone is cabale of sucess their OWN way if they are hungry.

All of this was done organically and with ZERO experience on my own with no empire avenue just ruthless 12 hour days for 12 months!

Then a gentlemen by the name of Orion Wells mentioned Empire to me I blew it off for 2 weeks then one night said what the heck!!

I jumped on took about 30 minutes to get the feel for it and with in 8 days had a 100 share price and 11 days 125 per share. Not to mention just the latest achievements 175 currently too many if I go every category.

Gnomies SubscriptionCentury Club

Whats impressive is the Century club 9 days in and the Millionaire achievement in 14 days. To be honest I have not connected my blog that gets 5,000 views a day or my you tube channel that has been viewed millions of times. This has all been done from my own strategy that I came up with myself.

I always tend to do that on every social media site. I read what EXPERTS are saying and just do not 100 percent agree and go about it my own way. I have done this with every social media account I have and it has obviously worked in just 14 months total experience.

Control Their Ratings #2


Now what has Empire done for me …plenty! My klout still remains the exact same but my action on Facebook gplus and twitter has increased a solid 15 percent. I have 440 shareholders who I have become friends with many and met wonderful contacts I would not have other wise.

So whether you use Empire for selfish purposes networking or both I have learned a system that works INCREDIBLY well and I will keep doing it. I have to assume 10-126 in 14 days must be a top 20 situation or 10-100 in 8 days must have been some kind of top 10 or 20. But what does it matter anyway just another forum to meet great people and feel great while your stock is soaring!

Expanding Shareholder Base #24Xbox FanaticInfluence Mogul! #6I have been able to make a living online and that is all I ever wanted anyway. My point is don’t always think you have to read someones expert opinion to have success hell I don’t even set up a website and do better than most people I know that work online for a living. Think outside the box be motivated innovative and always interact and be building on EVERY forum available to you.

Expanding Shareholder Base #20

Facebook Posts 2This has been my 2 week experience on Empire Ave congrats to the 430 of you that bought in at 10-20 nice return! But I would not sell until 500 I have a system… The Secrets are here 70 pending orders daily…https://fiverr.com/jmhhacker read the reviews…

User Experience #4 (Greenhorn)

Freshly Pressed! Word!

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