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I Show You 250,000 and HOW To Earn It UDEMY

Money is at the bottom and how to earn it. Follow The Course Here So it is almost to that time…..Many have imitated and they would not even deny it…BUT NONE of them have earned anything noteworthy from it. The reason why? There can only been one innovator. Do I say this to boast or […]

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Earn 250,000 On the internet

Earn 250,000 On the internet Elite Social Media Managers Justin Matthew & Partners Adam Houlahan Mike Pachulski more to be included Social Media Mega Earners $20,000+ per month This will be a course that stands alone. I have accomplished and passed my goal on EVERY single social media network and now enjoy a very good […]

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Empire Avenue takes Social Media to the next level

Empire Avenue has found a way to take Social Media to the next level with their ground-breaking, all-in-one, social metrics and stock exchange platform. Signing up for an account is simple, it’s free, and the benefits are limitless!  JOIN HERE What is Empire Avenue? Empire Avenue is a social metrics platform that allows its users […]

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The Key To Twitter For Free

                        The Key To Twitter For FreePeople ask all the time how do you get followers on twitter. I manage about 25 accts, two of which are pictured below. Combined 200,000 followers here alone.  The other 23 average 14,000 each…HOW? By tweeting diverse and funny info. I have included 30 for free in this article. […]

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Empire Avenue & Monopolize Social Media

Avenue Lives… On Many Social Levels Active members of the Empire Avenue community might have noticed that very suddenly we have a Pinterest channel, an official Tumblr channel, a re-introduced Instagram channel and maybe some more activity on our Facebook Page… what’s going on you might ask! As you know, Empire Avenue is filled with some […]

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Perfect Timing

PERFECT TIMING       Enjoy! . Our company will blast your brand into the next level. We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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                         Empire Avenue IS THE NEXT BIG THING Empire Avenue will be bigger then Instagram or Tumblr ever were. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr all powerhouses.  Pinterest was around 4 years or more before it took off…  Instagram and Tumblr had […]

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                                                EMPIRE AVENUE UPDATE JMHHACKER 460 per share 3.10 dividend! HI my name is Justin Matthew or JMHHACKER. I first used Social Media 18 months ago when I helped consult with hoseholdhacker a youtube channel. Since […]

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How I defied Empire Avenue and Won

 HOW I DEFIED EMPIRE AVENUE AND WON Hi all well it seems I have some sort of interest in my blog even though I originally set this up simply to link to Klout it is now getting 7500-12000 views a day GO FIGURE!! Today or Tonight time all bleeds together for me now I will […]

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Why Do You Use Twitter?

Follow me on Twitter  Pinterest  Flickr  Google Plus Empire Avenue or Instagram @JMHHACKER Every morning, I @JMHHACKER figure out what photo I  want to take as I now have about 30,000 followers on  INSTAGRAM.  Then I post it to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr!  Many times I will leave hash tags #JMHACKER or #KLOUT  #TENNIS etc. My tweet is considered Presence Maintenance,  a tweet […]

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