Generate Income Using Fiverr


Generating income is nothing new.
I’ll introduce you to an alternative way to sell services in simple easy-to-follow steps, on how to maximize and leverage on this alternative for remarkable sale performance.
Fiverr is an online marketplace. It is the world’s largest online marketplace for the exchange of $5 to 50 dollar services. Millions of people and business are currently offering $5 services for sale, and millions are also picking up $5 offers daily.
There are over 1 million services for sale. 99 percent of those sellers will make 200 to 500 dollars or less in a years time but that 1 percent can make a fortune….
 The current trend in digital communication technology around the globe is anticipated to increase the population is embracing online marketplaces such as Fiverr.
To sell your service and generating income for yourself or your business using Fiverr do this.
#1- Set Up A Work Area or Get a small Office
For work online, the first piece to get is a computer system . 

Find a convenient space and working surface, no distractions,shut off other social media at the time.
#2-  Personalize Your Fiverr Account:
Once you set up a work area, go create and personalise your own Fiverr account. Your Fiverr account will be used throughout your daily routine on Fiverr. 
Creating an account is easy. Ensure you read the Fiverr terms and conditions of service before you proceed, or find time later to read it before you start setting up and selling offers.
#3- Set Up Your  Fiverr Gigs:

Having your own Fiverr account, you will be able to set up your‘Gigs’ as it is popularly referred to on Fiverr) and list them for someone to buy
  To set up your offer or ‘Gig’, you will click on the ‘create Gig’ link that you will find in your Fiverr account Your offer or ‘Gig’ will take some time to be listed in the Fiverr marketplace; it’ll be reviewed by the Fiverr team and will be listed after getting approved under the Fiverr terms and conditions. You will be able to set up as many as 20 offers or ‘Gigs’ 
GIGS ARE $5 until you reach level 1 level 2 or toprated seller then you can sell for 10 20 30 40 50 on and on. 
The more orginal you are at creating offer ideas the more your offers will be purchased
How a ‘Gig’ will look like in Fiverr
I will make a tweet to my 200k followers for $5
 Promote Your Fiverr Gigs:
Setting up a ‘Gig’ on Fiverr will not just generate income for you or your business. 
you must promote
To promote your offer or ‘Gig’, you will need to grow your social media sites like gplus twitter a blog pinterest etc to share your  ‘Gig’ to the entire public. 
Social media networkS, blog, website and the various traditional promotion media will be useful 

Look I started this way and now it is a six figure a year GIG!
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