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Just a few Google Plus tips and tricks that have helped me. Some old but many users do not know! How I got ranked 704 in the USA well at least part of the way!


Google Chrome

 Better with Google Chrome.


j: In the stream, you can click ‘j’ to navigate down to the next item
k: Navigate up.
@ or +: mention someone in a post
q: While on the Home tab, press twice the q letter on the keyboard to search and add people to your chat list.
Space Bar: Scroll down stream.
Shift + Space Bar: Scroll up stream.
Tab: Scrolls through comments/users on a post
Enter: Hitting Enter when focused on a Post opens up the comment box.
Tab + Enter: End comment.

This circle share at this point had 85 plusses 105 shares and 63 comments I believe that day I gained 289 new followers.


EVER GET A TON of new followers and have no clue why well go to Public Circles Database and add or ID in to see if someone added and shared a circle with you in it.

Finding people on G+ with a  keyword:

On the Circles page where it says find people type in a keyword and press enter. It takes you to a search page of google profiles of people that  have mentioned that keyword. From there you can add them. 

Are you having a conversation with someone who is in a TON of circles? 
If the comment’s in response to their own post, they’ll see it via their Notifications, so you can just respond.
But if the popular person added a comment to someone else’s posts, it’s likely they’re not paying attention to every post they commented on. Once you have thousands of followers (CURRENTLY I HAVE 12,500), it is paramount to turn off some of the notifications before you get caved in.
 You can still continue the conversation,  just +-mention them each time you respond to them. They’ll get a notification, and if they want to respond, they will. 


Go to google statistics to track everything!

Language issues
To find Hangouts in your Circles. right now, the best way to do this is to hit the “Start a hangout” link and in the green room, if there are any live hangouts that have been announced to you, it will be here, gives us a way to get over to them.
Mute your video and audio when you first start. Keep speakers on. Then just throw the hangout in the background. When someone drops in, they’ll say hello. Then go unmute your audio and video.


The more you comment and connect on Google Plus, the more emails you will get.  To adjust email notifications in Google Plus you need to go to your Google Account Settings page. Profile Pic Account settings.  Click on the Google+ link in the lefthand nav of the Account Overview.  You can also  click on the gear icon in the top nav which I don’t think was there before.


 In your stream, “Incoming” means “other people who are sharing with me” — people who aren’t yet in your circles. You can browse through it to see people who have added you.

OK 70k followers on Twitter FB over 1100 subscribers! yet G plus has probably 5 times my twitter interaction and 4 times my Facebook OH and ranks well!

SO those are just some tips for today many many more to come. Come circle me MY GOOGLE PLUS say hello!

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    Dude you kill it

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    I read about 5 posts they all helped me thanks!!

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    Wow! It’s a great article. I think Google Plus is the easiest option to connect the people you already have on Google and it’s a wonderful option. Once you’ll sign up Google account, you get a Google Plus tab with your name. So, just like that.

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    Here one can follow anyone’s content. This is cool when one can actually follow one’s favorite celebrity and big leaders. Hangout section is very interesting. I want to do video-chats, yet not tried actually. Thanks for sharing your tricks to start a hangout link.

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    Really it’s a toughest and trickiest task to get on the first page. You have mentioned valuable tips to manage properly Google Plus accounts. I have found ‘notifications’ point very interesting. It’s a practical thing that celebrities or famous persons hardly pay attention to our posts. Thanks for sharing the hotkeys. I’ll definitely share them with more people.

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    I’d say Google+ is a good try, if someone wants to socialize along with ever changing world of social networks. It’s the strongest and I think coming next to Facebook. Undoubtedly, the “hotkeys” will be extremely helpful for netizen. Please post few more relevant ones.

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    People all around are talking about Google+. I heard somewhere that it is expected to get about 20 million users by weekend. I guess, this will dominate next few years as most of us have Google as the homepage. It’s amazing and its features are unique which makes it simple and different! Yet, many people get confused about Google+ Circles and how best to use this tool. Thanks Justin for your wonderful advices here.

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    It’s an effective site to organize people into particular cliques. It’s better to visit the privacy setting before sharing updates or anything. Configure the settings, whether want to share things publicly or not. Most strikingly, one can control whether that account comes up in search engines. But for that one needs to change the settings. There is another feature, one needn’t add unknown people in Circle, yet can follow them- which is somewhere similar to Twitter. Just drag and drop if wants to move people from one circle to another. So, its fun!!

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    Hey, these tips are really useful. I have tried the hotkeys. They work amazing. After that I have started Hangout Links and enjoyed the chat sessions. Thanks Justin!

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    Great to know about the tips. The purpose of this kind of social networking sites is to offer flexibility in terms of operation and privacy. Take time and set up profile and circles carefully and properly. Block individuals if require. Obviously no site is fool-proof, so check the settings before started.

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    I started it just casually after going through your blog, but now I’m addicted to it. Through your blogs I get to know it better and how to use effectively. Since its launch, more and more users are joining this site. There lies the success.

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    This kind of sites generates great leads and traffic, but needs to follow the right approach. In fact, it has a great impact on one’s business – this may unify one’s business and its online presence. Google+ is simple for the new users. Here the shortcuts mentioned are a good way to start with.

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    You are amazing dude