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Google Plus Authorship

                                Google Plus Authorship We’re listening. Based on feedback from authors and webmasters, we’ve simplified the process of linking your content to your profile information. You can read our new guidelines here. If you’ve already marked up your content using the process below, don’t […]

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Do You Need Google+?

Google+ I HOPE YOU take my advice! Do You Need Google+?Google+ is a blank canvas,  it is difficult to get started with. Think about what you already do online, and decide if any of the following fit you. You are known in your own right  and can build Circles from  scratch Unique content and need spaceto share it You are passionate about […]

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Free Press Release Sites   List of websites where you can submit free press releases to. You are welcome! > 12 Press ReleaseFree press release distribution – generalClick here to visit the site > 1-888-Press ReleaseFree press release distribution – generalClick here to visit the site > 24-7 Press ReleaseFree press release distribution – generalClick here to visit […]

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Due to the success and response I received from Now this is good for whether you are a seller or want to become one.CONTACT ME FOR THE PHONECALL I have decided to do a follow up in a different way. I spoke to 20 people from all over the world from the last article and one thing I picked […]

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ZOMBIE ATTIRE A loyalist to the Zombie Culture

A loyalist to the Zombie Culture: Are you tired of hunting around the internet for websites that sell quality clothing with great designs and bright colors with a good theme?  Go TO ZOMBIEATTIRE  Then you now have an ideal answer in the form of Zombie Attire. All this at an affordable rate. There is a […]

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SERPS Author Ranking  GPLUS Google has given us another option to gain page quality and we can get in NOW Called Author Rank This is great. You can position yourself as the author of content on high quality sites, shows in the SERPs. Create an author for your site, you can gain authority and get […]

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Get on the first page of GOOGLE

Just a few Google Plus tips and tricks that have helped me. Some old but many users do not know! How I got ranked 704 in the USA well at least part of the way! . MY GOOGLE PLUS  Google Chrome  Better with Google Chrome.  HOTKEYS j: In the stream, you can click ‘j’ to navigate […]

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How I got 12,500 followers on Google Plus

How I Got Over 12500 GPlus Followers in Less than 8 Months  Nov. 2011 I figured why not try Google Plus. To be honest, the first time I signed in I had no idea how to get started. I followed some recommended people, only because I didn’t know what else to do Profile Rank in […]

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