PinReach Score Details

The PinReach score is a combination of various social activities you complete while using Pinterest. We have no plans to detail the exact formula of the score, however we would like to highlight some factors that contribute to greater positive increases.
For example, repins have far greater impact on your score than simply pinning something new. Of course, in order for your score to increase you need to engage and pinning is a critical piece to that process, but at any given time repins carry more weight than pins. Once members start repining your item your score will increase much quicker. Another similar relationship exists between followers and who you follow. Simply following 500 members will do far less for your score than having 500 new followers on your account. Again, liking content yourself will do less for your score than when others like your items, as actions made by other members on your account carry much more relevance to your social influence than what you do yourself.
“Pin great content, increase your engagement.”
Keep in mind that it becomes much more difficult to increase your score the higher it gets. Currently, we do not have anyone in the 90’s yet, and a large majority of our current users are between 24 and 50, with some outliers reaching up into the 80’s. We currently have about 10k users and these numbers only reflect PinReach members, so they will change as our userbase continues to grow.
pinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (1).jpgUltimately, the goal should be to produce and share great content on Pinterest – the better the content, the more likely it is that your followers, customers, and random users will be willing to interact with your pins. The more interaction, the higher your influence. As a brand, your goal should be to keep close watch on how your potential buyers engage with your content. Harness the referral power by highlighting your products in fun and unique ways that get users sharing your content. Compare the repins, likes, and comments of your product pins with those of your non-valued items to see how this affects engagement.
Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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